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Latest Product Reviews For Eglu Cube Mk2 with 2m Run and Wheels Package - Leaf Green

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Great design. -

Very happy with my Eglu Cube. The ladies in residence love it, and it's so easy to keep clean - a great and most efficient design. I'm afraid I found it difficult to put together, even with an assistant, but I seem to be in the minority there. Now that it's in use, I couldn't be happier with it.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi there! I'm sorry you found it tricky to put together. We do try to make it as easy as possible with tutorials on Youtube as well as the guides we send out alongside the product. Asides from that, we're really pleased to hear how happy you are with our Eglu Cube itself.

I love the Eglu so much I upgraded! - VIC,

I started with the Eglu Go for my two girls. I know have 5 girls and have since upgraded to the Eglu Cube complete with run, stand and ladder. I love the Eglu because it is super easy to keep clean. I simply empty the manure into the compost and house the trays, it takes minutes. The stand and wheels make it easy to move around the yard. Having a separate nesting area makes it easy to close (I have had a couple of broody girls- so this has come in handy). My 5 hens are medium to large in size and they all fit beautifully inside. Watching them queue up each evening to step up the ladder into their nice safe, clean, well insulated coop is cute. I have not had a mite problem since I ditched my wooden chicken coop. Do yourself a favour, make owning chickens even easier by buying an Eglu. You will love it!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Love the Cube, customer service is exemplary, struggled a bit with run - VIC,

Direct Freight Express lost two of my 6 boxes but Omlet helped me chase them up, and when one part of the frame proved to be scratched they organised for a replacement to be sent (from the UK) by DHL. That’s service. The Cube is definitely easier to assemble as a two person job. The automatic door I ordered as an add on worked just as it is supposed to, although it was a little bit fiddly to assemble the small parts and connect the Control Panel. I would like to be able to use time mode in the morning and light mode in the evening but the software does not allow this at this stage. I do recommend buying the bracket to mount the Control panel to the Cube at the same time as it looks neat. My 3 ISA Brown girls took some time to get used to the ladder so I propped a plank up as a temporary ramp and brought it down a rung every couple of days. I let them roost in their old house the first night and picked them up when they were sleepy and posted them into the new Cube. After that they put themselves to bed in the Cube and seem very comfortable. I get some eggs in the nesting box but one girl lays in the roosting area. The droppings tray is very easy to empty and both it and the rungs can simply be pressure cleaned, works very well. I ordered the run later. This was not ideal as you really do have to dismantle most of the Cube to instal the run. It looks like you may be able to get away without doing so but trust me, you can’t. I found the run fiddly to assemble and would have preferred it to be in fewer parts. In particular the double clips are very difficult unless you have strong hands. Like many others, I ended up reinforcing the structure with many cable ties, used an entire packet of 100. Also, the front panels to which the doors attach were I think supposed to be identical but in fact mine weren’t (One of the hooks for the locking pins was bent out) and I installed them the wrong way round to start off with so the locking pins would not go through. Works now I swapped them round but worth checking the door pins go through the frame loops before clipping everything together. The whole thing took many hours to assemble single handed mainly due to having to dismantle the Cube (Obviously not an issue if the run is assembled at the sae time as the Cube) and to struggling with the double clips. I’m loving the Cube and auto door and would definitely buy it again, but time will tell if the run proves to be a useful and durable add on.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

New to chickens and loving it thanks to Omlet -

Having known very little about the needs of our new chooks, I read the reviews and took a punt on investing in an Omlet Eglu. I have no regrets! It went together seamlessly and seems to have be every chooks dream. The automatic door is a must! All the fun of chooks with none of the hassle. Easy to clean. Easy to use manure for garden. Thanks Omlet it’s a winner!

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Great coop - but you don't need the run if you have a fence -

The coop is amazing. But you don't need the run if you also have the fence. Things that would make the coop better would be to have an automatic opener for the outside door & the inside laying door too.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019