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Drinker for Eglu Go - Purple

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The Eglu Go comes with a drinker as standard. These drinkers clip securely on the run.

Depending on the number or chickens in the flock it may be necessary to purchase additional drinkers. It is also worth holding spares for when it is extremely hot or cold.

The capacity of the Eglu Go drinker is 3 litres when placed on a vertical run panel such as the Eglu Cube or Walk in Run, and 3.3 litres when placed on an angled run panel such as the Eglu Go.

Customer Images

A rabbit drinking from an Omlet drinker in an Eglu Go hutch.
Easy access
Omlet purple Eglu Go plastic chicken coop and run with chickens in garden
Chicken in garden
Chicken in feeder
Taking a drink

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Drinker for Eglu Go - Purple

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