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Geo Bird Bath

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Give your pet birds the opportunity to splash around with Omlet’s new Geo Bird Bath designed for the Geo Bird Cage!

Bathing is an essential part of plumage maintenance for birds; by dampening the feathers they loosen dust and dirt, making it easier to preen their beautiful feathers.

The Geo bird bath has been custom designed for the angled sides of the Geo Bird Cage. Two hooks secure it in place and it’s super quick and easy to install and remove so you can keep the bath fresh and clean for your pets.

You can keep the bird bath on the inside of the cage at all times, or remove it once the birds have finished their washing routine for the day.

You can also use the container as a practical drinker or feeder, ideal for yummy greens or other larger treats.

The bath comes in a striking blue colour, perfectly matching the central feeder and drinker station of the Geo Bird Cage.

Bird Bath: 184mm x 115mm x 29mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Half Hexagon: 158mm x 80mm x 25mm
Full Hexagon: 177mm x 156mm x 25mm
The mirror arrives with a protective film on top that can make it look broken. Remove the film and check the mirror. If there is any damage to the actual mirror, please let us know!

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Geo Bird Bath
Fantastic addition to my Geo Bird Cage
I bought 2 of these. I find that the seed dispenser that came with the cage can be too slow for my bird. I have filled one with seed and one with water. My budgie loves it first thing he did was take a bath!!!!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
This reviewer has 1 Budgerigar pets
Amazing product!!
Maja, VIC,
I just received the geo bird cage and I am impressed. I was reluctant to buy it for some time due to the price and because it did not seem that big but I am so glad that I did as it is worth every cent. Design is amazing - every little thing has been carfully designed - the shape and the size, the height of the stand , the mirrors, the bath all perfect and not to mention the feeding design - no more bird seeds all over the house. The quality is great and it is sooo specious inside - allot more specious then any other cage we had. Higly recomend it!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
This reviewer has 1 Cockatiel pets
Great quality and the perfect size
Fantastic quality item, the perfect size and depth. My cockatiel loves it!
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
This reviewer has 1 Cockatiel pets
Good but extremely late delivery
I love the cage and product overall including bath tray. The bath tray was delivered almost 2 months later. That bit was disappointing. Cage did come soon and found it very easy to assemble and is of good quality.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
This reviewer has 2-4 pets
Versatile use such as a bird bath or special treat tray.
I purchased the complete package with no regrets.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath
This reviewer has 2-4 Budgerigar pets
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