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Using your Wormery

When you get your worms they will need to be placed into their new home as soon as you get them or, like with any other pet, they will get dehydrated and hungry.

Worms normally come in their own pre-prepared bedding, to mimic the topsoil of their natural habitat, this also helps with the transition into their new home. However you will also need additional bedding to give the worms a good base from which to start.

Follow these steps to give your worms an easy transition to their new home

1 Ensuring that the bottom collection tray is completely closed, add at least 30cm (12inches) of bedding material. This can be in the form of worm castings from an existing wormer, garden compost, soil, coconut fibre, dead leaves, shredded paper or a combination of any of these. It is best to fill up to the top of the taper as this will give your worms more surface area to feed from. The bedding should be moist but should not let out more than a few drops of water if you squeeze some in your hand.

2. Add at least 500g of worms to the wormery. Remember worms eat approximately their own weight in food per day so the more worms you start with the more food you can instantly compost. Maximum capacity of the Hungry Bin is about 3kg of worms. If you start with 500g it will take the worms about 8 months to increase their population to the optimum amount.

3. Add some food scraps to cover the worms, not more than 2.5cm deep. You can put a damp layer of newspaper over the top of the food scraps to encourage the worms to stay near the top and start eating.

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Ash, 20 May 2020

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