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The Place to Discover What a Dewlap Is!

Agouti: A coat pattern. The colour of a wild rabbit. White underneath and generally beige on top interspersed with longer black guard hairs.

Albino: A white rabbit with pink eyes

Baby coat: The coat of a rabbit up to around four months old.

Base colour: Coat colour next to the skin.

Blaze: White marking between the eyes running down the nose.

Brindling: Coloured or white hairs interspersed in the main coat colour.

Buck: A male rabbit.

Butterfly: A marking on the nose of some breeds that looks like a butterfly.

Cony/Coney: A rabbit.

Crepuscular: Active in the morning and evening.

Dewlap: The area of loose skin on the front of the neck.

Doe: A female rabbit.

Guard hairs: The longer stronger hairs within the coat.

Hare: Kindling: The birth of a litter.

Kitten: A baby rabbit.

Laurice: A very young or unborn rabbit

Litter: Collective term for the young from one pregnancy.

Lop Ear: Ears that fall vertically to the ground.

Pseudo pregnancy: A female rabbit exhibiting all the signs of a pregnancy but not producing any young.

Rex: A velvety luxurious coat with no guard hairs.

Scut: Another word for a rabbit\'s tail.

Ticking: Hairs of a different colour to the main coat shown by the guard hairs only.

Wall eye: A blue eye of a different colour to the other eye.

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