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Blue? - It Looks Grey to Me!

Nearly all wild rabbits are the same light brown colour, which means they are camouflaged in their natural habitat. The different colours of domestic rabbits have come about through selective breeding. Here is just a taster of what is out there!

Agouti: The colour of a wild rabbit, a speckley browny grey.

Albino: A pink eyed white rabbit.

Black: Shut your eyes.. thats the colour!

White: Snow, paper and table tennis balls all fall into this category..


Blue: More of a bluey grey.

Chocolate: A rich brown.

Lilac: The slightly lilacy grey of a pigeon.

Chinchilla: Similar to the 'agouti' colouring but with all of the brown hairs turned into white giving the rabbit an almost metallic look.

Fox: Any coloured rabbit with a white tummy

Steel: A dark version of 'agouti'

Himalayan: A white rabbit with red eyes and coloured ears, nose, legs, feet and tail.

Butterfly: A white rabbit with coloured markings on the nose, ears and back

The comprehensive list.
If you would like more information about rabbits colours then have a look at the British Rabbit Councils website's full listing. Here

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