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Glad I got the extension ???? -

The extension give my little coop set up that extra wiggle room I wanted for my new chickens ????

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

The extension is fantastic for our 2 hens. -

After purchasing the Eglu go up with wheels and being so happy with it, we decided to give the girls more room when enclosed. The extension was easy to assemble and attach. We are so happy with it for a variety of reasons; As the hens begin to lay, we can keep them in the run until they lay around mid morning in the nest, without hunting for eggs in the garden or worring about them being cramped. The extension allows more time between moving the Eglu as the droppings are not concentrated in one area. We find the hens are more relaxed when we must leave the in the run all day, especially as winter approaches and foxes become more hungry. Finally the extension adds a little more weight to the setup and stability is increased, even in 50km wind gusts, as we had a night ago. Thank you Omlet for great service, Geoff and Helen

Verified Purchase: Jan 2020

purchased eglu go up, 1m run extension. cat run 3.1m x 2.05 x 4m -

Love all we have purchased, they do the job keeping cats happy and safe outdoors. Chickens have the run of the farm during the day and then safely locked up if we are out or people come with their dogs to visit, etc. We also had constant worry with foxes and were not convinced their old house was fox proof. Their new house and run has us sleeping easy now, no more listening for break in's at night. Now recommend Omlet products to family and friends.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2016

More room -

As per my earlier review i love this coop. I found it a little cramped if the girls we ere locked in for a while i have to admit to not being an early riser. I purchase this extension and I'm so pleased as it allows that bit more room for my 3 girls. Can really recommend and very easy to add. Also i noticed in a recent review someone was having problems getting the feedbox to the back of the coop. Put it in while the shelves are out for cleaning. Also now with the extended run i bought a small light tarp from Bunnings ($3) that covers coop and first run and provides shelter from the rain so now i have even happier girls who are laying well.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2016

Beautiful little chicken run -

We have put our Eglu Go Up chicken run together. It is so cute. We don't have the chickens yet but we are preparing for this. Everyone is very impressed with the Eglu Go Up and several are interested in getting one for themselves. I'm sure our chickens will be very happy when we get them. We are looking forward to fresh eggs.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2015


chooks are happy , easy to move , they are secure at night, alls well. fun to put together all well in the end.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015