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Fido Studio Dog Crate by Omlet

The Fido Studio is a dog crate like no other dog crates! Beautifully designed, extremely comfortable and with inbuilt storage for your pup's favourite things, it'll be your dog's favourite space long after puppyhood.

A Home Within the Home

dog sleeping inside a modern dog crate

The Fido Studio is the perfect place to return to for some well deserved peace and quiet.

As much as your dog loves chasing toys down the hallway, snuggling with you on the sofa and heeling at your side around the house, it’s important to give them a space in the home that is just theirs.

A comfortable crate like the Fido Studio represents a place of security for your dog, somewhere they know they can return to for a peaceful nap, or when things get a bit overwhelming. This is extremely helpful for puppies, but dog’s of all ages will benefit from this extra insurance, especially in busy households with children and other pets.

The Dog Crate You’ll Never Tire Of

Dog resting in an indoor dog kennel located in a kitchen

This is the dog crate you will want to have on display in your home!

Forget rattly, uninviting dog crates that quickly get discarded to the back of the garage! The Fido Studio is designed as a beautiful and modern piece of furniture, so that you can make your dog’s space truly part of the home.

The furniture-grade materials and style of the Fido Studio harmoniously fits any decor so you will never get sick of seeing it in your home, making it a much more economical and sustainable solution that your dog will enjoy long after they complete puppy school.

A Crate of a Lifetime

dog resting inside a dog crate

The Fido Studio will be your dog's favourite place throughout their life.

Vets and professional dog trainers all over the world recommend using a crate to housetrain your puppy. In fact, if you’ve bought your puppy from a breeder, it’s likely they have already used a crate and recommend you continue doing so.

The main benefit is that a dog crate gives your puppy a safe space within your home, a place where they can relax within the hustle and bustle of a new environment, and take pride in. This makes toilet training a lot easier, and allows the puppy to quickly become confident in the family.

However, dogs of all ages have a deep rooted desire for a safe and snug den to curl up in, and the subtle but stunning design of the Fido Studio means you’ll be happy for your furry friend to keep their crate long after puppyhood.

Perfect With Your Pup’s Favourite Bed

A dog inside a wooden dog crate

Make the crate extra inviting and comfortable with a lovely, comfortable dog bed.

Your canine companion deserves nothing but ultimate comfort! That’s why the Fido Studio is compatible with practically all dog beds to support a deep, restful sleep every day.

Omlet’s Topology Luxury Dog Beds with customisable easy clean toppers, as well as the amazing Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds fit perfectly into the crate.

More Pawsome Features

kid playing with a dog in a dog crate

The Fido Studio has been designed with both you and your dog in mind.

While the idea behind the Fido Studio is brilliantly simple: a comfortable and safe space for your dog with a great looking design that will fit in any room of the house, the crate also has lots of features that make it uniquely clever and user friendly:

  • Sleeping off the ground reduces disturbances and nasty drafts
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Tough, plastic tray sits under the bed to catch any spills
  • 2 wide doors can be placed on either side
  • Easy to use latches to secure the doors in place
  • Added space on top of the crate for decorations

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Measure your dog and compare with the dimensions on the website. There are also some example breeds for reference. You might also be able to get some guidance from our dog bed size guide, as the small bed fits in the Fido Studio 24 and the Medium in the 36, but these will not be 100% accurate.

    It's important to remember that puppies grow quickly, so make sure you get a size that will fit your dog as they grow.

    Fido Studio 24

    Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate Dimensions:

    External - Length 65cm/26in, Depth 49cm/19in, Height 58cm/23in
    Internal - Length 61cm/24in, Depth 46cm/18in, Height 49cm/19in

    Fido Studio 24 Wardrobe Dimensions:

    External - Length 32.5cm/13in, Depth 49cm/19in, Height 58cm/23in
    Internal - Length 29cm/11in, Depth 46cm/18in, Height 49cm/19in

    Fido Studio 24 Packaging Dimensions:

    Box A Timber: 77.5cm x 56.0cm x 11.5cm (13.9kg)
    Box B Mesh: 65.3cm x 50.9cm x 3.9cm (2.7kg)
    Box C Wardrobe (optional): 73.3cm x 54.4cm x 8.5cm (13.8kg)

    Fido Studio 36

    Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate Dimensions:

    External - Length 92cm/36in, Depth 61cm/24in, Height 73cm/29in
    Internal - Length 88cm/35in, Depth 57cm/22in, Height 64cm/25in

    Fido Studio 36 Wardrobe Dimensions:

    External - Length 33cm/13in, Depth 61cm/24in, Height 73cm/29in
    Internal - Length 29cm/11in, Depth 57cm/22in, Height 64cm/25in

    Fido Studio 36 Packaging Dimensions:

    Box A Timber: 99.3cm x 68.9cm x 7.5cm (23.5kg)
    Box B Mesh: 93.3cm x 66.4cm x 3.9cm (4.58kg)
    Box C Wardrobe (optional): 73.1cm x 69.4cm x 8.5cm (19.2kg)
    Yes, however you will need to decide before you start assembling the product on which side you want the wardrobe to go.
    The Fido Classic is a traditional travel crate, perfect if you want to move it between your home and the car. The Fido Studio on the other hand designed as a piece of furniture with an inbuilt crate that can double as a side table and looks beautiful in your home. The Fido Nook is the perfect combination of the two. The crate can be moved in and out of the Nook, so that you can bring it on car journeys or remove completely if you don't want a crate when your dog has been puppy trained.
    No, the crate is fixed to the furniture, and cannot be removed. If you want to be able to remove the crate, have a look at Omlet's Fido Nook.
    Yes, you can choose where to fit the door. On the longer side, make sure the lock ends up on the side of the wooden panel when closed.
    No, this is not currently available.
    To avoid any damage to the panels, please only put lightweight things on top of your dog crate, for example small house plants or picture frames. Never place large, heavy items like TVs or appliances on top, as the furniture might not be able to hold the weight.

    Verified Reviews

    Fido Studio Dog Crate by Omlet

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    1 Star:

    Really pleased
    I was looking for the perfect crate and finally found it. Easy to put together and such great quality.
    Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
    This reviewer has 1 Maltipoo pets
    Very cosy
    My pets Lottie and squirtle really like their new home and I like the tidy simple look and the good quality
    Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate with Wardrobe - White
    This reviewer has 2-4 Frenchie and a torto pets
    Exactly what I’ve been looking for
    I am so glad I stumbled upon this brand of dog crates because I have been scouring far and wide for a dog crate that has a tabletop (since I was getting very frustrated with the amount of space my dog’s crate was taking up with no added purpose or anything). It comes as flat pack furniture but is very easy to build, but you will have to use your own screwdriver set. I now have a purposeful (and very pretty) dog crate that I can use as a display table. The best part is that the crate doesn’t rattle like the other crates I’ve used before, so I don’t have to worry about the things on the display table shaking around!! Absolutely recommend!
    Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
    This reviewer has 1 Chihuahua pets
    Tasteful Design and comfortable
    Bill, New York,
    I have a Eskipoo and Mini Golden Doodle puppy sharing the 36 crate and they are comfortable. The cage has a tasteful contemporary design that compliments my decor well. Quality is good for a flat shipped product but it would be better if they used a heavier gauge of wire for the enclosure. It has a little too much flex for 5 stars.
    Review for: Fido Studio 36 Dog Crate - White
    This reviewer has 2-4 Eskipoo & Mini Golde pets
    Fabulous crate
    We got 2 of these crates for our Maltese puppies. They are fabulous - easy to assemble, look like a piece of furniture and fit in well in the living room.
    Review for: Fido Studio 24 Dog Crate - White
    This reviewer has 2-4 Maltese pets
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