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Rabbit Cages

Rabbit cages are revolutionised, thanks to Omlet. Your rabbit’s natural behaviours and ease of care are at the pinnacle of our ingeniously designed cages. No more keeping your rabbit in a cramped, indoor cage – we’ve flipped the script on bunny abodes.

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Eglu Go Rabbit Cage

A rabbit cage for every season

Whether you’re a first time rabbit owner or no stranger to bunnies, there’s an Omlet cage for every stage of your journey. Convenient rear-access panels, a unique cage door closing mechanism, and superior safety and insulation methods are all packed into a chic design that make our rabbit cages a bold statement for any back garden.

3 reasons to buy a rabbit cage from Omlet

  1. Easy to clean cages that allow for more playtime
  2. Cage accessories to bolster your bunny’s setup
  3. Extendable rabbit runs to maximise space

Revamp your rabbit’s space

We’ve laid the groundwork for unique and rewarding rabbit ownership. Our thoughtfully designed rabbit cages match up beautifully with the rest of the Omlet rabbit range, so that you can create the playground of dreams, customised to fit both their lifestyle and yours.

Fostering bunny bonds

At Omlet, we relentlessly pursue solutions to the questions we constantly raise. We’ve honed in on our rabbit cages with these pursuits, and the results are extraordinary. Enjoy your bunny in a carefree, natural way – in any space and with any level of experience.