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Press & Media Room: Eglu Cube

The Eglu Cube is the perfect large chicken coop for all hobby chicken keepers. Quick to clean, with a slide out dropping tray and smooth hygienic surfaces, this chicken house effortlessly accommodates up to 6 large hens or up to 10 bantams.

Like all Omlet’s chicken coops, your chickens will be happy and safe in the spacious, heavy duty steel run. Omlet’s unique anti-tunnel skirt gives peace of mind that nothing can tunnel in and the dark green coating blends in beautifully with your garden.

Puncture proof wheels make moving the Eglu Cube a breeze and you can fit Omlet’s Automatic Door Opener for ultimate convenience. The twin wall insulation keeps your pets comfortable all year round, and with options to extend the run and connect to a Walk in Run, it’s no wonder the Eglu Cube is Omlet’s best selling and most advanced chicken coop.

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