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Winter is the quietest season for beekeepers. You will not inspect the hive other than to check that it is still secure. If you want to check that you bees are still there - you can look up through the mesh floor into the colony.

The bees will be in a rugby ball size cluster in the hive living off their stores. A bee will occasionally go outside to defecate to keep the hive clean. You should not disturb them.

The bees will still be in their cluster, keeping as warm as possible in their cluster.

The bees will be in a cluster however the queen will start to lay a few eggs. You should not disturb your bees - but start to get your equipment ready for the start of the season in March.

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Richard, 17 July 2017

You are verry helpful I love my bees a new bee handler hope that they make it righ know they are doing great

Dianne, 8 June 2014

Thank you so much for leaving such a simple schedule like this. I am a new beekeeper in the SW USA and have done ample reading, but this schedule is the easiest to see/read by far.

Oliver, 27 July 2013

I never new that bees are clever to that much.but please i need to know the zonal distribution of bees in Tanzania.