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Chicken Pens

At Omlet, our Chicken Pens are much more than a method of containment for your flock. We’ve pushed beyond the boundaries of boring enclosures and have created customisable chicken pens. Design the ultimate space for your flock that you can enjoy right alongside them.
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Omlet walk in chicken run
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Omlet Chicken Fencing - High Poultry Netting With Door

More space is always welcome

We’ve designed chicken runs that fulfill your flock’s need to explore and exercise. Omlet’s flexible chicken fencing gives your flock even more space to forage, while the extra secure Walk in Chicken Run lets your hens play at any time of the day without supervision.

4 reasons to choose a chicken pen from Omlet

  • Generous height makes it easy to spend time with your flock with comfort and ease
  • Modular design to allow you to give your chickens more space to spread their wings at any time
  • Easy to combine with any chicken coop, Eglu or DIY
  • Stable style doors with secure latches to offer various levels of access

Create your flocks’ dream chicken enclosure

Our chicken pens can surround an existing chicken coop, or add extra free-range space while still keeping your flock close to home. Add enriching and engaging activities with our exclusive line of chicken pen accessories like the Freestanding Chicken Perch, or Chicken Peck Toys and Caddi Treat Holder.

Designed by chicken keeping experts

Omlet asks questions from both the chicken keeper’s perspective and that of the chickens themselves. What would your chickens do with more space? What if chickens could free-range, but stay close to home? Can we keep chickens from crossing roads? We’ve answered all of these questions and more through our exclusive line of chicken pens.