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Great - Tina, NSW,

My bunny seems to be very happy

Fantastic product that looks great! - Crystal,

We purchased our Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch w/6ft Run at the Pet Expo after seeing the products in previous years. Our two rabbits love it and enjoy being able to lounge in the grass. Great product, easy to put together, and works great!

3.5 stars Good overall product, Please read the review - Mike,

Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch Review My honest review is “Overall” it is a good product, it looks great, easy to use and comes with lots of ability to expand and try other accessories. It is a very strong and durable hutch. However, this product is not out of the box ready. The clips that came with the product are ineffective, “totally obsolete” for the purpose of safely holding an animal. The shade cloth is very weak. The accessories that came with the product are very cheap and came broken upon arrival. Given the inordinate price tag of the product I expect that at a minimum it is build ready out of the package and this was not the case. I would buy this product again however I would have had a big bag of zip ties already standing by. Once the hutch is built and stabilized it will without equivocation hold up to the elements and predators. Biggest word of advice please fix the clips and shade cloth even if it means not including the freebee water bottle, hay feeder and bowl. The utility of hutch stabilization and shade cover is paramount. Design: 7/10 • Great overall look • Ease of usability • Great overall size and easy to expand • Comes in different colors and many more accessories • Designed for hot and cold climates • Can be used hand in hand with gardens • Very light • Easy to build • Shade cover very weak • Wire clam clips extremely weak will require added stabilization Durability: 9/10 • The wire and hutch are very strong materials • Built to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions • Built to withstand Animal attack (Once stabilized) Price: 5/10 • Very expensive start up $439 • Accessories are also expensive ($64.95-wheel set) Low Maintenance: 9/10 • Easy to clean • Easy to open doors and slide out trays • Once stabilized requires virtually no maintenance Overall: 7.5/10 or 3.5 Stars

Omlet Says: Hi Mike, Thank you for your feedback. It sounds as though you were sent clips from a bad batch as our clips have held together Eglu runs for 15 years. We will be happy to send you replacements: please contact our customer service team if you would like them. The cover included in the order is a summer shade. We do have heavy duty covers available on our website. We hope your rabbits are enjoying their new home.

Rabbit house and run - Rachel,

I like the Eglu products and already have a chicken house and run. My husband assembled the rabbit house and run, and all was well until the rabbit disappeared. We don't know if a fox dragged him through a small gap, or whether he escaped. The message is, though, to be careful if moving the set-up onto a fresh patch of grass. One of the plastic clasps had come away and that seems to have been enough for this sad happening.

Eglu hutch, run, wheels, cover - Claire,

Great product and very practical. Rabbits still don’t like going into the hutch as used to a pen when outside. Working on it. Easy to catch the buns to go inside at night by putting a treat in the hutch and closing the door behind. I would warn against the wire flooring though. One rabbit had sores on her heals after a few days. It was easy to remove to floor. If the ground is kept moist, they dont like to dig anyhow.

Great products - Dan, Massachusetts,

Really great products for 2 rabbits. We are very happy we found Omlet.

Product great-Service and delivery terrible - Mark,

The product was great for the grandchildren. Took over 3 months to get as I was not told that it was coming from overseas as they had none in Australia.

- Kerry, West Glamorgan,

Excellent product & great service

Eglu hutch & run - Vikki,

This took us a while to assemble, a you tube video really helped!but was worth every minute, my bunny can hop about & stand up in the run whatever the weather outside as its covered. The Eglu itself is so quick & easy to clean & great that I can shut my bunny in at night when it's really cold & it seems so snug

Good but needs some refinement - James,

We bought 2 of these, one for a rabbit and one for a guinea pig. These runs look really nice and generally feel sturdy but there are some issues. The water bottles leak inside the box and over the day, will empty themselves. It’s also difficult to get the rabbit out of the cage part of the run. I also begrudge paying £20 delivery on a £700+ order.

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