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huge walk in - California,

I ordered a huge walk in cause i have three dogs and I knew my chickens would not free range. it is so easy and nice to put together i did it all b y myself, and I have been extending it two times, it will be soon 9 x 21 x 6. it is so beautiful also i nam having grapes wine climbing on it and jasmine on the other side ...

Secure attractive chicken run - Ohio,

I am very happy with the purchase. The 6x6x6 came in 5 or 6 smaller packages that I could easily manage. Two of us put the run together in a few hours. The run is sturdy and attractive.

Well made -

Help needed while erecting and got required answer straight away

Excellent chicken run (once up!) -

I’ve had an Eglu cube for six years and a basic run which have been brilliant and still look almost as good as new . I wanted to upgrade to a bigger enclosure so I could add in ducks! We went for a 2x3x2 model with connector to attach the house. Unexpectedly we found putting it together a bit of a nightmare . Partly because all the parts are green and laying it out on grass made it difficult to see all the bits and envisage the build. It’s also best to build it in position as lifting it part built is tricky. Once up though it looked fab and seems very secure. We’ve pinned it down with heavy duty tent pegs and added a chicken swing which has got plenty of use! All in all it’s an excellent run which I expect to look fab for many years to come. If I could deduct half a star for the building I would but the final product def deserves 5 stars!

Omlet Says: Hi Kate, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that you had issues putting your Walk-in-Run together. Please could you email hello@omlet.co.uk with any particular issues that you had so that we may look to rectify any issues you have raised. Here is a link to a video showing you how you can easily put together your Walk-in-Run: https://www.omlet.co.uk/misc/how_to_build_videos_chickens_select_page_wir. Kind regards, Omlet

A secure and attractive environment for the discriminating hen - Oxfordshire,

This is a fine piece of design, pleasant on the eye, satisfying to assemble and (touch wood) proven so far to be fox-proof -- our local fox made one direct daylight assault and retired with aching teeth. Since then there has been no evidence of further attempts: the skirting is excellent at discouraging burrowing.

Game changer...! - Notts,

We started off with the standard low height run but decided to take the plunge and buy a full size one some time back. We have not been disappointed and would not go back as it totally changes the whole way we now keep chickens and all for the better. It’s great as you can easily enter the run through the full height door and do whatever you need to do without any concerns that the girls will get out. The fact that everything can be done standing up is a real bonus not to be underestimated. I’d recommend getting the largest size you can accommodate (and afford) as the extra space is appreciated by all - owners and hens. Assembly is relatively simple with easy to follow instructions and all the parts provided in clearly labelled packaging. We added a couple of heavy duty covers to provide shading which have impressively stayed put despite some very heavy gales.

Great run - Wiltshire,

I was looking for a run that would last, was as fox proof as possible and wouldn't look horrendous in the garden. This run ticks all those boxes. It's height means walking in and around the run is easy and with two young children we can easily spend time in with our chickens. The only negative would be the plastic clips. They do the job but are an environmental nightmare. I can imagine them floating around in the seas in the future. I wonder if there's another material that could be used for that, or could they be sent back and recycled into new clips? Food for thought about an otherwise great run.

Very happy with our chicken run -

We purchased the 3x3 chicken run to add to our existing eglu cube. We are very happy with the run. Our chickens love the extra space and the extra height with the run makes it so much easier to interact with the chickens. The run was easy to put together but was hard to move once put together so I recommend building it where you want it to be placed. It is well designed and the doors are great with really secure hinges. Overall we are very happy with our Omlet products and they look great in our backyard.

Walk-in Run -

The walk-in run was quick to put together once you understand the instructions and provides fantastic safety for my girls. The ability to extend at any time means we can change the configuration if we increase the flock.

Super safe -

Great product, we have 2 cubes attached to ours . Plenty of room and easy to put up, would recommend

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