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Walk in run 2x3x2 -

Gives my 4 large chickens a good amount of space, I don’t feel guilty now when I go off to work and leave them in run. However they still like/shout for free range garden time when I get home! Was easy to connect to the mrk2cube coop

- California,

LOVE everything about this run. Easy to assemble. My 6 chickens now have room to roam around without being in my garden and destroying all veggies hahaha. I also appreciate awesome customer service Omlet provides. Awesome buy!

Walk in run -

Excellent run to give my hens more usable space, the full height run is fantastic for getting access to clean. My hen are safe and secure definitely should have got one of these from the start. Fairly easy to build.

Perfect run -

This is a great, sturdy and spacious run - easy to put together for me and a 6 year-old! The gate is really secure and easy to fasten. I feel confident that the hens are safe in the run when I am not around to keep an eye on them.

Perfect!! -

Absolutely fantastic run for my chickens! Strong, secure and easy to assemble.

Reviw of Chicken Run - Great Product -

We just finished adding an extension to our run. Both sections are great. System is easy to put together but two people are essential (for me - a 5'2" older woman) to handle more easily. It is made of great quality material and very sturdy. Can't wait to get my chickens and introduce them to their new home.


Great overall - West Midlands,

Can’t fault it at the moment, the visiting foxes have given up trying to get to the birds, and the birds are thriving in it. Time will tell how well is stands up to the elements. I’d have liked smaller mesh to stop wild birds and vermin getting in but that’s the only design element I’d modify if I could overall great product.

Safe and sturdy space for our chickens - California,

The run has enough space that all the girls can zip around when they feel like it and explore happily all day. Enough space for drinkers and feeders without feeling cluttered. And it feels durable as well as looking attractive in our setting.

Walk in run -

Just set this up in an Aussie backyard where we had problems with aerial attacks from ravens and brush turkeys roaming and raiding the coop. At night foxes lurk, cane toads and carpet pythons visit and rats come scrounging for food. So in short, lots of unwanted visitors! Delivery was excellent and I really appreciated the quick response. As we set up in the sun with the coop inside the enclosure, radiant heat has had to be stopped by fitting shade mesh all around. I have some rain protection also but the shade mesh has been really critical for the hot sun while being breathable to let the heat escape. The mesh size, while attractive, is not small enough to stop a cane toad, rat or python from entering. It is dog and fox proof though. I now intend to add a finer mesh to floor and walls to the inside to stop vermin, aerial pests and turkeys, but at least I have a great base structure to add on to. Enclosure is strong and easy to put up and my chooks love it because they feel protected in there. I would love to extend more. The Omlet auto coop door is also fitted onto the coop so that our cute little chooks can let themselves out of the coop to roam safely inside the enclosure from early morning after laying. In summer it gets light from 4:30am here so that is saving me getting up ridiculously early to let them out. Gotta love a sleep in!

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