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What a perfect solution -

Bought to stop my free range chickens eating my spinach and digging the wildflower garden meaning I now grow the most expensive spinach in the world. But hey the chickens are perfectly happy in their fenced off area and I have no more lost chicken or lost plant anxiety!

Good piece of kit -

The fencing arrived very promptly even though on purchase they said there would be a delay. The product is strong nice looking and easy to assemble once you get your head around the pictorial instructions! I realise why they are pictorial because of the numerous languages incorporated in the instructions, but me personally always struggle with them at first. The fence appears to be of good quality and strong, ample pegs and guy ropes provided. I would recommend this product.

fence -

I looks very good on my allotment, I can sit and do knitting while they are scurrying around.

Very effective and practical -

An excellent product which is relatively easy to assemble. Would be good if the posts forming the gate were clearly marked to separate them out from all the other posts which are very similar.

Perfect for garden reared poultry -

Had the old style fencing previously which I loved. Wasn’t sure about getting the new style but so far so good. The new gate system is a big improvement on the old & having small size holes from top to bottom stops even those small bantams escaping. Still getting used to the ridged fencing & not being able to lean over into the pen the same but a minor thing. One area I feel there is still room for improvement is the pegs. Fair to few & lightweight. Will replace those provided with more heavy duty & durable camping pens.

VERY NICE - much improved! -

I had the old style fence and upgraded to this. The improvements are very nice. The fencing itself is strong and sturdy, I like that the "holes" are all the same size (the last fence had bigger "holes towards the top). The poles are stronger (metal vs fiberglass), easier to assemble, taller than the last fence, and the guy lines are much more visible. I also really like the fact you can stick the logo anywhere now, due to it being velcro. I am very happy and hope this holds up well for several years. I am hoping the gate clips can hold up to our often frigid winters. Overall, very happy and the ladies seem to love it too :)

21 metre fence -

Happy with the fencing thanks, as is our garden!


The fence is easy to set up and works great with my chickens. I can move it around so they have more room to roam.

Great find -

This fence worked great for the extra room I needed for my chickens. I didn’t want to let them totally run free but I wanted to give them some more room and this worked as an inexpensive option. Easy to install and has great value. It was easy to modify it and instead of making it come back to itself instead I came off the coop on one side and came back to the other side. That gave me a little more room and worked for my setup. Omlet was great about letting me know when it would ship and was very accurate. Great product!

Useful product -

This works well to make a free range exercise area. It is nice to sit in with the ducks and spend quality time! It does take quite a while to work out how to set it up but lay out all the pieces and check that you have everything before you start to put the fence up. It is not predator proof so i would not leave my ducks in it un -supervised. As it does not have a cover just be aware of magpies or cats jumping in. It is a really useful extension exercise area especially if you can't have your birds or animals completely free range because of predators. I lost several ducks to a fox attack so am quite protective of them and so very happy with this product. It is attached to the walk in and the birds are very happy.

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