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Excellent product -

Although it was awkward to put together (and I should have started late in the day!), once I got the fence together it worked really well. It is very easy to move around - it is light to carry and it is simple to push the pegs into the ground. My chooks are so happy - they love having new places to explore. And it is good to be able to move them around the different areas. One of the plastic bits wouldn't push onto the top of its post so I emailed and there is another piece on its way. Apart from this it seems sturdy and well made.

Good fencing for free-ranging - Tennessee,

This fence is good for corralling chickens so they can free range in wider spaces, but it's not really intended to provide security beyond that. It is very easy to assemble, but will require two people - not because it's heavy but because you'll need a second person to help the fence achieve the tension it needs to stand properly, particularly if your terrain isn't perfectly flat. I also like that you can pull it up and move it as you need to.

Great product -

Keeping my hens safe and allowing them to explore further.

Just what we needed. -

Good, sturdy fencing, very versatile. Easy to put together - but the little metal toggles are tough on the fingers! Would certainly purchase again and will recommend to other poultry keepers.

Perfect for our needs -

This temporary fence was perfect for our needs - that is keep our girls away from the area under our deck. It was easy to install and fit to our requirement so we were happy, but chickens not so happy....(they still have plenty of space).

Love it! -

I absolutely love the Omlet fencing, especially the door. I was able to expand my hens run for the daytime, and they are locked in the coop for safety overnight. I did string fishing wire over the top to help deter Hawks. This fencing was the perfect solution for our hilly area.

Great fence, plenty of poles -

Bought the fence to enclose our coop/run combo which is very secure. Use the fence to let chickens out of the coop/run combo during the day, but keep them in an area with plenty of air cover (trees). Perfect Chicken Haven!!

Great product -

This fencing unit is really well thought out. It's a complete product with everything needed to keep your flock in line. Requires a little planning so everything lines up but with a smidgen of patience it sets up beautifully. I have added some additional poles to keep the sides a little more taut as well as netting above for hawk protection but well worthwhile and good value for the money.

Chicken fencing -

It is exactly what I wanted! Defensing was easy to assemble, seems very durable, and it gives my girls a wonderful period of forage without having them go all through my yard. I use the gate/door twice a day so it gets lots of usage and it's convenient and easy to use.

Simple, elegant design at a reasonable price -

While I normally like my chickens to free range, they were finding their way into the newly planted flowers and making a mess. So, I needed a temporary enclosure for them. The Omelet 69ft enclosure worked out well for this purpose. I have not needed to use the cords to keep the fencing secure and upright. The gate functions easy enough that my 7 year old can get in and retrieve the eggs from the coop without any help. I have moved my enclosure a few times so as not to wear out my lawn which takes only about 10-15 minutes to do.

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