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reinforce - Gemma, Georgia,

well after reading the reviews and doing lots of research I sought out the eglu coop yet the eglu go with elevated nesting area was out of stock till end of may. I talked to the represntative and he said the eglu go would be okay if u didnt mine bending down to cleaning the lower area out. I have two kids that talked me into the chicken adventure. We let the chicks in the coop and with 6 foot run extension during the day time when we are outside., I learned that do not leave them unattained if under 12 weeks old. I had a hawk tear off one of my hens heads. The kids were upset I was upset the body was in the cage the hawks talons went between the opening on the run. I bought hardware mesh cut it 24 inches tall and zip tied it around the run and the door area on the back or front of the run. Needless to say they have been doing well one month later. I live in Georgia and keep the run covered wish they had a longer shade cover..

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 golden coments pets

Expensive but good - Lucy,

I bought this about a month ago. Delivery was speedy. My order was sent separately (was kept informed) coop and run was told could come early pegs would be later. Which is great. Didn't need 2 people to build. The run is a little flimsy and felt it wasn't going to be reliable but it's withheld snow and 3 chickens so I'm happy. Would be nice to be able to shut off the nest. It is more expensive than the rest but the coop is great!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Wyandottes pets

- Murray,

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Great for three hens - Heidi,

Love this little coop! It is just perfect for my three hens. I do wish that it came with a partition and nesting bed inside the coop, though. I have had to construct one on my own so the girls can have privacy as they lay eggs.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Cracking wee coop - Nick, -- SELECT STATE --,

Plenty of room for my 4 girls. Easy to clean. I struggled a bit with the assembly instructions but there are a couple of decent You Tube vids which helped. Keeps girls dry and, hopefully the pesky red mite away for good. Would recommend

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Home for the Littles - Rosemary,

We got this to move our 4 little chicks outside to the big run/coop area but still have segregation. it worked great. The omlet and 6ft run fit in the big run and we now open the little run so the little girls can do some exploring in the big run and start spending time with the bigger girls. The only thing they didn't seem to like was the floor in the omlet so we cut a piece of cardboard and then added the shavings. The smell of 4 ladies (we're hoping but we think on is a roo) is no longer in my house and everyone is enjoying the outdoors. Thank you

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Coop - Elizabeth,

We are loving it! The chickens do also! The only thing we would suggest is some louvres in the back door for more circulation. We got a solar fan and that does the trick

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Coup - Gill,

I love this coup but so far the hens aren’t convinced they do go in and look but don’t use it to sleep in or lay their eggs hopefully they will get use to it

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Excellent coop - just wish it was cheaper to convert to the 'UP' - Clare, Derbyshire,

This is an excellent coop; we've had ours 6 years now and it's still in very good condition. Easy to clean and maintain. My only constructive criticism is I wish Omlet would (please!!!) design a piece of sloping connecting kit that allowed you to convert it to the 'UP' (so coop raised off ground level) WITHOUT having to ditch the already expensive ground-floor level 3-meter run we have. I would definitely invest in buying the 'UP' Frame if it came with some 'connector' that made it compatible with the ground-level existing run. Having said all that, the 'GO' is excellent and well worth the initial outlay in my opinion. All of our chickens who have previously, and those who are still living in it, seem very happy and healthy.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Omlet Says: Hi Clare, thank you for your review. I have taken your feedback and have passed it onto our product design team. Please stay tuned to our social media or newsletter to be informed if we launch this concept. Kind regards, Omlet

Perfect size and height for our handicapped hen - Eileen, South Carolina,

We have a hen who lost the use of her feet when she was just beginning to lay eggs. She sort of walks on her legs, and we needed a small coop to keep her separated from her flock, some of whom were continuously pecking her neck. She was unable to get up the ramp of the small ramp we tried first, so we purchased this one because she can get in and out as no ramp is needed. The only negative for this coop is that an automatic door is not available. We have an automatic door on our large coop, and it greatly relieves the anxiety of not locking them up on time, or letting them out at sunrise. But the convenience is now pretty much negated by the need to get our hurt girl locked up and opened up. We would be so grateful if we could get an automatic door for this coop.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2018

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