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Needs space behind - Jenny, Staffordshire,

I bought the Eglu because the wooden coop had become infested with red mite in crevices where the usual spray hadn't reached. The Eglu should minimise the risk of another infestation. It does have nooks & crannies but the outside is very smooth and I'll be spraying the outside. It appears possible to dismantle completely if necessary and the smooth surfaces can easily be cleaned and disinfected. The information does mention the need for an 80cm gap behind but there needs to be a bigger space than this behind the coop, for handling both the roosting tray and the droppings tray separately. The old wooden coop was never smelly because the droppings fell onto hay with sawdust underneath. The Eglu can be very smelly in the morning because the droppings can land on the plastic roosting bars. For daily cleaning I'm using sawdust and for the deeper routine cleaning I've used water and a soft scrubbing brush. The plastic doesn't dry quickly by itself but does dry easily with a towel. The insulation provided by the double walls was effective in the recent record heatwave, when the coop remained relatively cool. I'm confident that it will provide adequate protection in winter. However, for those rare hot summer nights, I couldn't see a designed way of increasing the ventilation, so I opened the doors slightly. The run is secure so this wasn't a problem. My six bantams used to take ages to settle at night because they wanted to snuggle up AND perch. The bedtime routine involved snuggling up until they pushed each other off the perch! The level roosting bars allow them to snuggle without faliing and bedtime is peaceful.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with Accessories - Leaf Green

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Love it - BUT! - Yvonne, Staffordshire,

I'm glad that I bought my Eglu Go, but stupidly hadn't realised that it's not quite as easy to clean out as shown! I have put hay on the white tray to make my girls comfortable, most of which falls through into the droppings tray below making it not as simple to clean as described. However, overall I'm pleased - easier to clean than my old wooden coop and more importantly my rescue hens seem to like it.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with Accessories - Leaf Green

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Safe home for my 8 year old chicken - Gwen, London,

Rather difficult to build - you definitely need 2 people with strong hands
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Leaf Green

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Our Eglu Go - Eddie, Staffordshire,

Bought this in Oct 2021 12 weeks for a couple of chickens so how have wee found it. Building it was reasonable once the parts were separated and plan sections were followed. When assembled the House is well made and designed and with the run looks great,but adding the run was footery to build lots of clips to hold the run together, Why are the side panels not made in one piece so all you needed was a couple side then a top. We placed our run on slabs but quickly realised that when it rained the run got wet underfoot very quickly due to wind and rain and the cover only covers the top and a little of the sides, by adding a full cover over the run stopped the wind blown rain and made things a lot better for the girls, by adding two 3x2 foot slabs down the middle of the run and house meant the chickens have dry feet. In use the run is great to clean a quick daily scrap with a hoe and a hand scraper cleans the slabs in the run, the house is so easy to clean out as well daily with a deep clean a couple of times a month using a hose and brush a quick dry with a cloth brings it back to new. the two chickens are doing well; bought as ready to lay, one is now laying daily the other is just about to start laying. We let them out when we are in the garden to let them stretch their wings. Plans afoot to mack a larger enclosure using the Eglu go as the house. The Eglu chicken house is well built and well designed, a reasonable priced auto door opened would be great. the rune enclosure once built is okay but a little cramped to allow the chickens move about more and the construction has been designed for easy packing and carriage the side panels could be at least one piece, to cover supplied could or should be longer to give better rain protection and allow user to roll up the sides as required. Overall a nice House for keeping a few Chickens in a small urban garden
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with Accessories - Leaf Green

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Cute - Beni, Northamptonshire,

Looks great. Functions well. Not easy to assemble, made harder by the fact that the instructions in the box for the coop are only half correct. The coop was easy enough to assemble but the run was frustrating, parts were different than the instructions. Then I discovered there is another instruction book and the one that came with the coop is only meant to be read until halfway, then you're meant to swap to the other instruction book. But there is no note or anything to tell you to stop using the instruction booklet. The screws and other hardware were just loose in the box, so there were some minor scratches by the time the box arrived also
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Purple

Omlet Says: Hi Beni, Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We are sorry to read that you experienced some difficulties with the assembly of your coop and run. We indeed provide two instruction booklets, as the coop and run can also be purchased individually. We would also recommend you to have a look at your instruction videos, as they can be a useful complement to the written manuals. You can find them here. Nevertheless, your feedback has been passed onto our Product Design Team for further improvements. If you have received any damaged item, please get in touch with us so that we can investigate more specifically on this with you. You can find our contact details here. Yours, Clemence, Omlet Customer Service team

Really easy to use - Dawn, London,

So easy for my 3 bantams who struggled with mites in a wooden coop. Great for cleaning. Bit sticky opening the back a lot , but otherwise a really clever set up. Also have portable netting. Really pleased.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Leaf Green

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Chickens love it but not as practical as I had hoped - Belinda, London,

The chickens love it once they learn to navigate the narrow ladder. I purchased the cube coop with 6ft run on wheels. When I try and move it it is very awkward, it needs handles at the back put on to help balance it up and move it. Moving it is tough unless you have a perfectly flat lawn, even then it needs handles put on so you have something to hold as you push it, so you don’t have to bend down low . The clips which hold the wire together unsnap and fall off daily. The cleaning is easy with the pull put tray. The automatic door is great. The sunshade could be longer. The feeder and water container is better with the cube than the older omelet smaller coop.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Leaf Green

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Omlet Says: Hi Belinda, Thank you very much for taking the time to write us a review. We are sorry to read about the few difficulties that you experienced with moving the coop. We do offer handles to purchase separately on our website, which can be a great help in that process. The clips are normally very sturdy and once in place, they should not move. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly, by phone or by email, if you wish for us to investigate further the situation with you. Maybe the instructions videos on our website would be useful, to make sure that the clips are correctly in place on the run. Nevertheless, your feedback has been passed to our product design team, they will have a look at your email and take action where necessary. We stay at your disposal for any further information. Best Regards, Clemence Omlet Customer Service Team

Eglu - Leticia, Staffordshire,

I’m super happy with the ease in cleaning, size and look of the Eglu BUT I thought the automatic door would fit on this Eglu and it does not. I didn’t realise the automatic door was only made for the Cube. Now I’m hitting my limit of waking up at dawn every day to let them out.. very disappointed with this. Hopefully Omelet will soon adapt the automatic door for the Eglu..
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with Accessories - Leaf Green

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reinforce - Gemma, Oxon,

well after reading the reviews and doing lots of research I sought out the eglu coop yet the eglu go with elevated nesting area was out of stock till end of may. I talked to the represntative and he said the eglu go would be okay if u didnt mine bending down to cleaning the lower area out. I have two kids that talked me into the chicken adventure. We let the chicks in the coop and with 6 foot run extension during the day time when we are outside., I learned that do not leave them unattained if under 12 weeks old. I had a hawk tear off one of my hens heads. The kids were upset I was upset the body was in the cage the hawks talons went between the opening on the run. I bought hardware mesh cut it 24 inches tall and zip tied it around the run and the door area on the back or front of the run. Needless to say they have been doing well one month later. I live in Georgia and keep the run covered wish they had a longer shade cover..
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with Accessories - Purple

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Expensive but good - Lucy, London,

I bought this about a month ago. Delivery was speedy. My order was sent separately (was kept informed) coop and run was told could come early pegs would be later. Which is great. Didn't need 2 people to build. The run is a little flimsy and felt it wasn't going to be reliable but it's withheld snow and 3 chickens so I'm happy. Would be nice to be able to shut off the nest. It is more expensive than the rest but the coop is great!
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Leaf Green

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