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Way too small!!! - Chris, London,

We purchased an Eglu Go about a year ago to replace our old wooden coop and we then replaced the Eglu with a new wooden coop only a month or so after buying it. The Eglu design is great, it looks good and it is easy to clean but it’s just way way too small. Omlet say you can comfortably fit 4 hens in it; absolute nonsense. Your hens will be comfortable only in the same sense that you can comfortably fit half a dozen people in a wardrobe. It’s barely big enough for 2 hens let alone 3 or 4. I’m sure for the less caring chicken keepers who just want chickens for their eggs rather than their welfare it’s perfect but ask your hens if they’d rather have this Eglu or a more traditional and larger coop and I know which one they’d pick. We actually tried this experiment and gave them the Eglu to choose from, the old wooden coop or the new wooden coop; every night without hesitation they all went for the new coop. That said, it’s really great that Eglu have hit on a more modern and clean coop design which makes keeping chickens more appealing to people. If that means people are taking in rescue hens from their terrible lives on battery farms and giving them a better life then I’m all for it. I’m sure given the choice of a battery cage or an Eglu every chicken on Earth would pick an Eglu. But, given the choice between an Eglu and a larger coop I think they’d move in a heartbeat. If only Eglu would make the same style coop but scale it up to a decent size.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Leaf Green

Not as good as the reviews make out! - Rachael, London,

I already have the Eglu Cube and I have been really pleased with how easy it is to clean and maintain. I had a couple of hens that needed a home so bought the Eglu Go. I am so disappointed at how many eggs get broken due to there being no real space/depth to the laying nest area. I have had the Go for about a year now. I have tried everything from filling the whole floor with straw to keep the eggs safe but all the straw gets really messy, no matter how often its changed and still the eggs get broken. The depth of the nest area needs to be deeper so it can be filled properly. A softer landing for the Hen to lay - they stand to deliver! Hence lots of broken eggs. The mud also gets straight into the hen house and laying area, especially with such damp weather we have. No amount of cover keeps the area dry. I have opted to put the hens on rubber chippings and they are now successfully mud free! Just the problem of the broken eggs. So I now take both the trays out and let the hens lay on the soft weed suppressant membrane. Luckily they haven't started to eat the eggs deliberately. Cleaning is a real fiddle as there are too many places for dirt to collect as its hollow construction is made from 2 sides screwed together allowing lots of areas for insects and slugs underneath to hide! So if your thinking of making a purchase and you really want hens then think about the cube- off the ground, less mud in the hen house, great laying area separate from the roosting area, easy to clean - absolutely perfect! The Go will be made redundant.
Review for: Eglu Go Chicken Coop with 2m Run Package - Leaf Green