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- Jules,

Very good product and my hens are happy thank you.

Eglu Go Coop - Marion,

I have 3 very happy chickens who love their new home! With the extra fencing to give them some ‘play time’ I have contented chooks who have started giving me eggs already! Wonderful!

Great Product - Flaifil,

It is our first time keeping chickens and we wanted to make life as easy as possible for us. The Eglu go is perfect. Super easy to clean and plenty of space for our three Pekin Bantams.

Coop is fantastic, run takes time to build but is worth it - Ash,

I highly recommend this coop / run combo. It is very easy to clean and great for 2-3 small bantams and at most 2 medium sized chickens. Be sure to use a child lock to further secure the coop as a racoon can easily open the coop without it. All in all, very happy with my purchase.

Great Product but instructions for run need updating - Janet,

I love the Omlet Go. Easy to assemble and such a doddle to clean it. Only takes five minutes. The run is good too but I had 2 sets of instructions for putting it together. One set with Go instructions and another in run box. Unfortunately I used the the first and I think the run has been changed since they were written. The other instructions were the right ones. I could have saved a lot of time if I'd had the correct instructions or a note explaining.

Go big - Trista, Iowa,

Honestly this thing is super cute! It’s functional and easy to clean. Thus far no animal has gotten in and attacked our ladies. I do however wish I had gotten the larger size because chicken math is a real thing. With just three Easter Eggers I’m hoping that next year we can purchase another eglu to go bigger and get a few more chickens. The run did come with a broken spot but it’s not noticeable and doesn’t need replacement. A clear shower curtain works great for rainy days and the omlet cover does its job as well providing both shade and protection.

Eglu go - Debbie,

Hilda Vera and Marjorie ❤️Their new home.Was quite tricky to put together,not sure how the lovely lady on the you tube video kept a full set of nails

Highly Recommended - Tina,

Very pleased with the Eglu Go, it arrived quickly and the you tube video was great for assembly instructions. This is definitely the best coop I have bought in 8 years of keeping chickens and would only buy an Eglu in future as it is value for money. I have four small hens and it could fit one or two more. It is so easy to clean and I can move it on my own, which makes life easier. I definitely recommend it.

Excellent Starter Coop. - Gavin,

I loved this coop, it is easy to put together and ideal for a few hens/ducks and is escape proof. On soft sandy ground it needs better fox protection with floor mesh for the run. It is easy to move.

Eglu Go Chicken Coop & Run - Sarah,

Really great product that feels and looks like it will last and keep my hens secure. My hens also seem very happy with their new home. The only negative about this purchase is that the build instructions are not great. They weren't always that clear, particularly for the run and the YouTube video seemed to miss the really important bits! Anyway we got there in the end and the hens and I are happy!

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