A Little Eglu for a Big Celebration To celebrate 10 years of the Eglu Classic, Omlet are eggstatic to be introducing a new coop to the collection. It may be smaller than our other chicken houses, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in absolute all-round awesomeness. Introducing the Eglu Egg Cup – a miniature replica of the original Eglu Classic, for your boiled egg!

It's cute, it's cool, it's iconic: the must-have breakfast eggcessory to add to your collection. (Please note, Omlet can not be held liable for any crockery kerfuffle caused by egg cup envy.) Whether you are a mother hen lucky enough to have your own Eglu, a cool chick building up a nest egg to keep chickens one day, or an egg aficionado with an appreciation for British design, the Eglu Egg Cup is eggseptional. Complete in celebratory 10th anniversary packaging, the Eglu Egg Cup also makes a cracking gift for someone that loves a good yolk...especially if you can't afford to shell out on the real thing.

An Eggseptionally Good Breakfast Set An 1/8th scale replica of the Eglu Classic, this may be too small to keep real chickens, but it is the perfect size to nest a beautiful boiled egg. And what goes perfectly with a boiled egg? Some tasty, buttery toast of course! That's why our eggsperienced designers developed a genius toast rack run as an optional eggstra. Whether you choose the Eglu with or without run, this is undoubtedly the only egg coop of its kind.

The Eglu Egg Cup is available in five fabulous Eglu colours, including the original Omlet yolk yellow. Coordinate your Egg Cup with your chicken coop, choose a colour to match your kitchen accessories, or collect all five for a bright breakfast rainbow every day.

It all Began 10 Years Ago... The Eglu was launched 10 years ago, by four friends who met while studying at the Royal College of Art. A decade on and (between you and me) they may be looking a little older and more worn, but the Eglu remains as fresh and funky as ever. After sparking a sensation in urban chicken keeping, it has been exhibited all over the world, including London's Victoria & Albert Museum, and now you can eggsibit this miniature version in your own home. Own a little piece of design history and enjoy the simple pleasure of eating a boiled egg in style!

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Weight: 0.260 kg

Height: 12 cm

Width: 12 cm

Length: 12 cm