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Nolan, 27 December 2014

This page is useful because people who have a hamster and love the animal it helps let you know a little bit of the past of these awesome animal

Cyntac, 13 July 2013

I love that the third paragraph says Dwarf Hamsters are prized for their ability to ride horses. I loled.

Toby, 19 April 2013

Although I already knew my ancestors came from Syria, I didn't know my Dwarf cousins could ride horses! Enjoyed the page. Thank you!

Henry, 7 April 2013

i found this page really helpfull and i have had my hamster for a year and found out lots of other things i did not know

Lucy, 28 May 2012

I own a syrian hamster and I didn't know anything, but thanks to this page, I do now! It was fasinating and enjoyable to read. I also learnt alot to remember.

Lucy, 27 November 2011

i loved reading this page as it was very interesting. i have learnt a lot!!! i love my syrian

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