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- Co. Cork,

Excellent product, children love it!

Great egg ramp -

I love my egg ramp it is perfect for my silkie bantam eggs which vary in size, especially Betty who lays very small eggs. Extremely pleased with it.

Fun way to store eggs -

I love this handy egg storage rack. It is unusual and fun with style and is an excellent shape so doesn’t take up much space on the worktop.

brilliant idea -

Fantastic idea and looks really stylish in our kitchen.

Great idea -

This egg ramp is such a good idea. It enables you to use your girls eggs in order. Just have to be a little bit careful when removing the eggs at the bottom as the others roll down.

excellent ****** -

the egg ramp is a brilliant idea for the practical reason of make sure the oldest eggs are used first but is also a good way to brighten up the kitchen. I would highly recommend the ramp

Great storage -

Nice way of storing the eggs and keeping track of their age. Wondering, if it would be better, to put the ramps in a container, to reduce evaporation from the eggs and prevent any smells being absorbed by the eggs - just an idea. Great kitchen gadget, love it!

Great product -

You never know you need an egg ramp until you try one - i love mine !!! Well made and looks so cool

Egg ramp -

Perfect. So easy to keep track of your freshest eggs, and to use in the right order. Would recommend.

Great storage for your lovely eggs!! - Herts,

Was not sure if this would be too bulky..but it fits brilliantly in the fridge (we prefer to keep our eggs there). You have to move the eggs gently, but it beats having to keep organising the oldest eggs first, which was quite time consuming. Greta item.

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