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Eggcellent Birthday Gift -

I received this as a surprise birthday gift from my partner who was adamant our garden wasn’t big enough for chickens and had said no repeatedly. Then this was a complete surprise on Monday after my last ‘no’ conversation over a year ago. I’ve had a knee replacement so he was very thoughtful and ordered the Eglu Go Up, it means I can access the coop at waist height to clean and collect without struggling to bend, what a thoughtful man I have and what a genius idea from omlet. So I managed to assemble this during storm Ciara and we live quite exposed on a Loch (I need to order a wind break). Yet with the omlet screw in pegs it hasn’t moved an inch. (So to my friend who said “that will be blown away”, ha! So happy with Omlet’s customer service too. I was missing the ladder covers and after a phone call they sent them out straight away via Royal Mail. I will be buying more and more from Omlet.

I am very happy with my Eglu go up coop,run and wheels. -

The coop and run with wheels is an ingenious package that makes keeping a couple of pet hens so rewarding and a breeze to move around the backyard. Our grass is not adversly compacted, there is no odour and the hens love it. For us the coop , wheels and run were all simple to put together and the Omlet video was easy to access when we needed to clarify a step. The Omlet eglu go up is light years away from the way we used to manage our hens in a fixed pen with wet muddy runs and the need to apply deep litter continuously to minimise the smell. We have lately purchased the 1 metre extension and have 2 cross bred layer pullets who quickly walked up the ladder on night one to claim residence of the eglu house. We are retired folk who only need 2 hens and they are really easy to care for pets as well. The nest and integrated perch setup is so easy to hose and disinfect every few days, the pullets are kept healthy and so clean. The tip about putting a football in the nest box to stop them sleeping in it has trained the pullets to roost away from the nest, thanks Omlet!! Last week we had 42 degree C days and the run floor was easy to wet down and keep bearable for the hens. Perhaps a bigger shade cover could be designed for Aussie conditions?. Now they roam around our back bush garden coming back to the coop for food and water. The feeder is vemin proof and stops the chooks scattering pellets around. The Omlet posts,blogs and newsletters that we access give great tips for keeping hens in a clean, healthy and secure system. Thanks Omlet for this fantastic mobile coop. Your customer service and delivery was totally professional. Geoff

Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop Wheel Set -

The wheel set was easy to assemble & fix to the Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop. They make the whole Coop & run so easy to manoeuvre & move around, with just one person. Well worth purchasing!

Eglu Go Up -

It is well made and designed for moving and cleaning. I was looking for a new coop that had wheels and wouldn’t hurt my back when I cleaned it. This is working!

Fantastic urban coop -

Easy to move, easy to clean, and the chickens love it (so do I!). Having a movable house & run is great because then we don't wind up with a chicken mud pit in our medium size urban backyard. The chickens appreciate being on grass. We kept the two chickens in the run full time when they first moved outdoors (we have the 9 foot version), and now that they are larger, they have the whole yard. We can put them in the run if we are going out close to their bedtime so we know they are safe and sound. Highly recommend.

Backyard chickens made easy! -

The Eglu Go Up coop with run and wheels is a the perfect package deal for new chicken owners. I was enticed to buy because of the promise of low maintanence and high durability. I was not disappointed! The coop has passed the tests of hungry foxes, my children, and lots of chicken poop. 10 minutes daily with an extra 5 minutes once a week to change the pine shavings keeps the coop looking like new. An occasional inspection and replacement of the clips keeps the foxes out, and the chickens find their home at bedtime no matter where we move it in the yard. I highly recommend the Eglu Go Up with run and wheels package.

Easiest chicken coop to clean -

I live in a pretty harsh climate and was looking for a chicken coop that was not only sturdy and would last, but would be easy to clean. The Omlet Eglu is that coop. It’s easy to assemble, easy to move around, easy to clean and the chickens are secure and warm. No need to worry about fox’s, skunks or raccoons.

Great bit of kit -

Really pleased with this item so much so that we are thinking of adding more sections. Very straightforward to assemble. Clear instructions. Our only quibble was that the courier company would not give any indication of the time they might deliver the product. This would have been helpful.

Excellent Coop -

After being pestered by my 6 year old to get chickens I finally succumbed and the Google search for a good chicken coop began. This ultimately led to Omlet and the stylish Eglu Go Up. Just right for 3 chickens. It was incredibly easy to assemble, the instructions were straight-forward, and i had it ready to go in one afternoon. Now that our three girls in their new home, I, and my now 7 year old, couldn’t be happier. Omlet makes quality products and I highly recommend the Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop.

eglu go up -

everything came as ordered. seems like good quality. got it for 4 bantam chickens. hoping in 3 weeks I'll be able to put them out. then I can tell you more. Like the idea that it should be easy to clean. I think the only problem I'll have is getting them in the coop at night. that should be fun .

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