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Great Coop - Mary,

Although it took time to put together, it was well worth it. I live in the country, and nothing can get through the cage. My hens are safe and healthy.

Fabulous! - Pam, Teesside ,

My Eglu Go Up was delivered on Wednesday - very fast delivery! The coop was fairly easy to put together, the run, however was a little more difficult. Once erected its fabulous! Got my 2 girls today (16 were grower hybrids) and they settled immediately! Were only in the coop/ run 3 hours and put themselves to bed! Obviously happy with their new home! Thank you Omlet for a wonderful addition yo my garden!

Omlet egup - Dawn,

OMG!!! Love, love, love this gorgeous chicken house and run. We have had chickens for over 25 years and hubby has always done a Heath Robinson and built 'quaint' and 'quirky' houses. I can tell you now, the chickens are so much happier in their new home. Warm, easier to keep clean, comfortable and super stylish. I cannot believe that we have waited so long to treat our hard-working chickens to what they deserve xx

Love It - Leanne,

A bit fiddly to put together but then, I'm not good with plans. Works well and looks good.

4 stars as squire difficult to erect - Carolyn,

Not as easy as basic English to erect luckily my son in law put in up for me. Would be a good idea for Omlet to have that Capability

Go up wheels - Diana,

The wheels are a fantastic addition to the go up enabling it to be moved round my lawn easy. It is much easier to moved than i expected, i also purchased the handles but its so easy to move i havent fitted them. Even with a 3m run and wind sheilder fitted, its great.

Fabulous coop! Wish I had several more - Lynne, Florida,

I got the Eglu and 2m run for 6 bantam chickens. It is well-made, sturdy, insulated, easy to clean, and goes nicely in the garden! The chickens like it and I am thrilled that they are happy, snug in their new coop and safe from predators! Thank you so much for your great design.

Overpriced - Daniel,

This is a very good setup. My problem is that , being made in China, it is way overpriced. If I was rating on customer service only I would give 5 stars as customer service is the best.

Awesome - Laura,

Love the Eagle coop even though it took a few months to get everything it was well worth it!. Easy to clean, and the coop kept cool in the hot summer months here in Florida. Great purchase!

Easy Move - Laura,

Love the wheel set. Easy to move my Coop even with the extension on it!

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