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Great bit of kit - Hannah,

Really pleased with this item so much so that we are thinking of adding more sections. Very straightforward to assemble. Clear instructions. Our only quibble was that the courier company would not give any indication of the time they might deliver the product. This would have been helpful.

Excellent Coop - Joshua,

After being pestered by my 6 year old to get chickens I finally succumbed and the Google search for a good chicken coop began. This ultimately led to Omlet and the stylish Eglu Go Up. Just right for 3 chickens. It was incredibly easy to assemble, the instructions were straight-forward, and i had it ready to go in one afternoon. Now that our three girls in their new home, I, and my now 7 year old, couldn’t be happier. Omlet makes quality products and I highly recommend the Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop.

eglu go up - Terry,

everything came as ordered. seems like good quality. got it for 4 bantam chickens. hoping in 3 weeks I'll be able to put them out. then I can tell you more. Like the idea that it should be easy to clean. I think the only problem I'll have is getting them in the coop at night. that should be fun .

Definitely worth the money and then some! - Heidi,

I researched all types of coops and runs before getting my first three chicks a few weeks ago. I had never seen anything like the Omlet coops but after reading the detailed information and reviews and watching the videos I ordered the Go Up with 6 foot run and wheels. The boxes arrived in a few days and the coop /run went together in about three hours total. My husband and I were impressed with the quality and excellent detailed instructions. The clips were the hardest part, but once you install a few it does get easier. By the second day, the chicks, who were about 4 - 6 weeks old when we got them, were going up and down the ladder. They wouldn't go in the coop at night, so I tried the tip in the manual which said to put a torch/light inside at dusk and sure enough in they went and have been putting themselves to bed ever since. I have moved it three times already and it is easy enough for one person to handle. Cleaning is very quick and everyone who has seen it thinks it's a great design. Today it poured and the chicks hung out under the coop and were dry and happy - an added benefit!

Essential item - Patricia, VIC,

I wish I had bought this when I bought my Eglu. Always wondered why my hens didn't want to use it - they hate living on the ground! Now they are happy and snug, cheerfully climbing the stairs to go to bed.

- Kenneth,

Love the product. Is the perfect size for our Bantam hens.

Cleverly designed product, chickens very happy - Trevor,

Arrived very well packaged. Masses of instructions a bit daunting at first. Follow them step by step and it's not too bad. The whole thing works very well with enough room for our three birds with easy access to feeders and to clean housing. We move ours about every four days, the wheel system works very well. No sign yet of foxes or other undesirables trying to break in. Altogether a very well thought out product.

Bought to use temporarily now they're a permanent fixture in our garden - Neville, Bedfordshire,

We had two home-made runs attached to Eglus in our old garden and planned to build new ones after we moved house. We purchased two 2M runs as a temporary solution while we moved as they were very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport (and I do mean really easy!) However now we've used them for a few weeks we're in no rush to build larger runs, these are ideal for our needs with two chickens happily roaming in each. I have two minor gripes: The shade supplied is very small. In order to provide some permanent shade and to protect the feeders from rain, I had to create some custom sized tarpaulins and attach using the Omlet supplied bungees. The other issue is the access doors are small. They are perfectly adequate for accessing food and water, but if you need to delve a little further into the run (when the hens are cheeky and lay in the run!) it can be tricky to squeeze in. But overall we are very pleased and would certainly purchase more should the need arise.

Great Mobile Chicken House - Mary,

I love it the mobility and light weight. I have been using it as a way to clear new garden beds of grass and weeds as well as fertilizing the soil. Besides the chickens are never short on bugs and are entertained with their new surroundings.

Overall great little pen especially now I've added nest area - Heather,

I bought this package for my 2 hens having always had wooden pens. It's great to clean particularly easy to access but I was a bit annoyed the eggs kept getting dirty. For overnight the hens bums overhung the nest area and messed in the nest area. Solution was to put in a plastic mini shallow garden trug secured with bugee cords and now I have clean eggs laid in clean straw!

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