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Love - Lauri,

I love the coop now that it’s assembled. It took us much longer than the 3-4 hours Omlet instructions stated. Our four chickens seem to love it too. I like that it’s made from recycled plastic. It’s super easy to keep clean.

Verified Purchase: May 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 pets

Cluckingham Palace - Kerry, Essex,

I am so happy I bought this and the chickens seem happy too. Even with the doors of the run open, they still like to sit in there, especially with the perch I attached yesterday. I found the run a bit fiddly to put together, but worth the effort. Lots of space, easy to clean and no mucky eggs! Love it!

Verified Purchase: May 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 Ex commercial pets

If used for chickens might be 5 stars, we have ducks and there are some drawbacks - Gosaints,

We are a month or two in and the cage is nice. Installation was not difficult, but it's tedious and takes some time, so put a few beers on ice and enjoy the process. We're not engineers here, but the instructions were fairly straightforward forward it just took several hours. Those little clips can be a pain in the a$$. We live on a lake and decided during Corona we'll add ducks to the family. We have 8, various types and sizes. Ducks can not use the steps, adding a ramp was not a challenge but makes moving the cage a bit more of a chore. Would be nice to have a ramp option made for the Omlet. Moving the cage is not difficult, however sure wish it could tilt more somehow. But again it's not really a problem if on fairly level terrain. I did have an issue with one part during the put-together process. It didn't stop me from completing and I will say the customer service was very prompt and they replaced it no questions asked really. I sent a photo. Long story short, it's a good buy. For chickens, it may be a great buy. I guess I really shouldn't knock em a star the ducks are on us.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 6-8 Peking's, Runners, M pets

Perfect design - very well thought out! - Laura,

I bought this for my flock of six and I have to say that I am incredibly impressed with the design. It was easy to put together and it has been easy to maintain and clean in the half year we have been using it. No problems with cold during the New England winter. Our girls seem to enjoy it - the only problem is that although the nesting box is large enough for two the girls refuse to nest on one side and get into noisy arguments over whose turn it is to lay!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020 This reviewer has 4-6 Easter Egger Mix pets

Just right for us - Anna,

How I would've loved to have one or those super cute hand made coops, I had ideas. But my husband is not Bob the Builder, and none of the ones to buy were big enough or would last long enough for the price, so he let me buy this. Our chickens are real, "back yard" chickens. We have kids toys out there, a raised bed garden, sprinklers. I couldn't be more pleased with this coop. It is perfect for us, simple enough for my kids to help in the care of the chickens, keeps those girls warm at night. The chickens love the coop and they started going up there starting the SECOND night they were outside. We just have to wait until 8:30 and they are all in there for us to shut the door up. I can't comment on the laying of eggs because they're not there yet. The only thing that I have a problem with is that moving the coop is quite difficult. What makes it difficult is the predator guard around the edge of the run. If there was a way to lift it up while using the tractor it would be so much easier. If there is a way, I'm missing it and it's really hard to figure out. I also noticed that Omlet sells handles to make this task easier. Either way, I am planning on removing it since we do live on a suburban area and any digging predators around here (foxes, raccoons, skunks maybe) come out only at night when the chickens are safely inside the coop. I love that the quality of the coop seems to be very good, much like our Lifetime swing set, and will last a very long time, so the expense will be well worth it.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021

Wonderful design - Richard,

This is a fantastic product. It is relatively easy to assemble; the instructions are very clear; it’s beautifully designed and it works very well.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Rhode Island Reds pets

Excellent features - Lorri,

Excellent very happy with it

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 4-6 pets

Kid Friendly - Jozette, Ohio,

Our family loves our Eglu Cube. My oldest son who is 4 helped put it together! We really like how my children are able to help maintain it. The style of it is appealing and it is more than functional and easy to open and close!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 Easter Eggers pets

Excellent product & customer service - Gavin,

I was nervous ordering this due to brexit and it is a lot of money, but the customer service and communication was excellent. The henhouse is top quality, absolutely no regrets. The run in fine but I would like the mesh to have been a tiny bit heavier for strength. But overall it’s a great package and works really well, easy to clean, easy to move, hens love it.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 Mixed breed hens pets

Easy - Tom,

I wanted to get chickens but I didn’t want to learn much or build my own coop. Although the Eglu is a little pricey I was happy with how fast the shipping was and how easy the assembly was. I just got the chicks two weeks ago so haven’t put them in there yet but I’m sure they’ll love it. Might add the electric door later.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 Buff Orpington, Blac pets

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