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So I have to say initially I was skeptical about the Cube - but then I know often in life you get what you pay for. So I began researching- I read on the Omlet site and all about Omlet the company. I read reviews and comparisons and watched all the Youtube videos I could find. My research went into WEEKS, not hours and days. I played devils advocate - I read the forums and bantered with current Cube owners, and past Cube owners...and the answer was always the same: The quality is amazing, the product is worth every cent, and the Company is a pleasure to work with. So I took the plunge! I have seven LARGE birds born early this year (My Winter princesses!). 2 Australorps, 2 Orpingtons, 1 Red and 2 Plymouth Rocks. I spoil them. They live in an organic feed, move every day to fresh grass existence. In return I get 5 to 7 eggs a day 7 days a week. EVEN in the winter! These little orbs of sunshine and goodness I share with friends, sell and freeze. It is amazing how quickly they add up. The girls pay their way and are a joy to have. But on to the Cube. The packaging was exquisite! Who cannot smile unpacking a box with chickens on the outside? It felt like Christmas and I was that child again with cold feet on wood floors - running to the tree to burrow in the presents Santa left. The boxes were sturdy. The contents were well protected. Again, that high quality. Presentation is definitely important and Omlet pulled out the stops in this area The assembly instructions are beautiful. The paper is heavy and the instructions worth keeping. They read well and Omlet definitely sends you plenty ( all boxes come with their own.) There are also tons of videos to help and if worse comes to worse you can always call them. You will reach OMLET – not some call center in another country they outsource to that you cant understand their replies. In short Omlet delivers in packaging (exquisite!) and customer service – prompt, professional, patient, compassionate, and often humorous! They treat you like a king or queen, I was actually told how much they appreciated my purchase! How many companies do that these days? I even got calls from the UK - CLARE!!! An amazing rep! Prompt! Friendly CALLS! But again, I digress.... So….my setup has a 13 foot run (soon to be 19! And yes I just ordered the door and perches and little goodie holders – more on that in those item areas), with wheels, and I got the winter package ???? It took a while to build by myself. Probably 3 hours for the total package. It would have went much faster with two people. Probably and hour and a half if you like your helper. Some people may complain about how difficult it is put together but I will tell you it is built like a battleship. Both the run and the coop. Nothings getting to those babies – especially if you choose to keep it in place with the pegs. Once theyre inside for the night – we could have a zombie apocalypse and I don’t think anything could get inside. We have at least 13 foxes on our property, along with racoons, giant river rats, and all sorts of interesting varmints. NOTHING has gotten to our chickens yet. It moves well on its wheels, and with the optional run handles (buy them if you will be moving yours a lot – its worth it) its easy to move, even on uneven field ground. The Cube itself – Ingenious design! NO DRAFTS! There are vents in the top area between the walls and roof, and then front and back vents. No drafts in the tray area (I checked) or the door. Surprisingly they all fit quite cozily inside at night, and seem to be very happy. I was worried initially that they might be cramped, but they show no evidence of it. You can always make things bigger at night if you wish by taking out the removable nest box wall, which gives them TONS of room. I did this in the beginning but when I checked at night they were all cozy on the roost side. So now I keep the wall there. I plan to get three more large chickens this winter to add to the flock, so I will be removing the wall at night at that point. I have ordered a second roost rack and will cut it in half to give full roost across the Cube. In the morning I just come in – add the wall, remove the roost rack on the nest side, and add my nesting box pads. WAAALAH! CLEAN – the Cube is wonderfully clean. I wipe it out with a vinegar and water solution every morning. I spray off the roosting rack and clean out the tray- (I use wood chips for that) with a catbox shovel. Saves a ton on bedding. Since I do this every morning theres never a smell at all in the coop. Takes about 10 minutes if I am being leisurely. Less than 5 if I am moving at a good clip. I scatter the droppings in the yard. The ultimate fertilizer. I also purchased the Winter blanket. It works great! We had the artic cold snap and it dropped into the low 20s here this past week. So I covered the Cube and left the nest box back vent uncovered. No smell or condensation at all, and they were bouncy in the morning. The full blanket is worth its money and well made. Again – quality. I will say I tarped the run with a huge tarp I customized for the winter. I originally purchased the Omlet wind breaks and covers. Again – amazing quality! But I returned them. I will be purchasing them all again in the spring, but for the winter I felt that I needed to have more coverage then what they offered. That being said, don’t be afraid to buy them. You cant go wrong. I also LOVE the fact that they look like glass when you place them on the run – not something my current tarp does. So Im a believer! An Omlet fanatic by my own admittance. Frugal as I am, I can confidently say that the purchase was worth it. I would be tempted to say in the long run it is actually a deal. I am VERY PROUD of our Shangri La - Have questions? Concerns? Just want to talk to someone in person who actually owns a Cube and be able to see it first hand? If you're in Virginia or want to drive – Im your Huckleberry! We can have long conversations about any aspect of Omlet, the Cube, or chickens , and at the end I will thank you for your time. GO OMLET! CHICKENS4EVER!

Eglu Cube -


Not as good as hoped -

Unfortunately our big cockerel got his leg caught in the roosting bars and is now walking with a permanent limp. Also, the roosting bars aren't as easy to clean as I'd hoped - you really need a jet washer to do it properly. Another gripe - the holes in the run aren't small enough to keep rats out. Other than that, it's fine - the chickens seem very happy in it!

Omlet Says: Hello Carl, I am sorry to hear that your cockerel got his leg stuck in the roosting bars, they were originally design so that if a chicken slipped, that they would easily be able to pull themselves out again. Chickens love to perch when they sleep, therefore it is an essential feature. As a safety feature, you could potentially add straw in the droppings tray to give them a softer landing if this should happen again. We do not advertise our runs as rat proof, simply fox resistant. To help against rats I would advice to have a read of our blog on how to help keep them away. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team on 01295 500 900 or Kindest regards, Omlet

Just do it! -

This coop is amazing! It is worth every penny and more. It is beyond easy to clean, sanitize, and move. My bird stay much warmer than the wood coops we used to use until our Omlet came along. Since purchasing, our hens have had zero respiratory issues, no mites/bugs, and no loss due to predators. I cannot day enough good things about it- just buy it!

Arrived Delivery Damaged -

Part of the run and the droppings tray arrived damaged. Replacements were sent out and the replacement droppings tray, once again was damaged. A third droppings tray is now en route!


Love my new purple chicken house , followed the instructions to build it which were lovely and clear , and most of all love the sliding door in the house which stops the grumpy cockerel pecking me when I get the eggs ????

Eglu cube -

I’ve had my eye on this for a while and I’ll admit the price put me off. However I have an eglu, walk in run and extension so I knew the quality would be great as would the build. Being off the floor gives my girls even more floor space and a perfect dry area for their dust bath. It’s also become their no one perch! Well worth the money, girls ( and guys) love it. Wish I’d bought it sooner.

best purchase ever! -

I have had my Eglu Cube with run and wheels over a year now, and I'm so happy with it. It's easy to clean, easy to move (even over uneven ground or a mild slope), and the hens figured out the ladder very quickly. Since I've installed the auto door, it's even more awesome. I've found the clear covers to be extremely useful in the rainy PNW. The insulation is awesome and my hens were comfortable even with snow last year. Thanks Omlet!

Awesome product -

This thing is great. I was hesitant to spend a thousand dollars on a chicken coop, but it has been worth every penny. It gets cleaned every day because it is so easy. Therefore, no smell at all and five very healthy chickens. Buy one. You won’t regret it

Should have bought it sooner! -

I love the Cube, it's so easy to clean and I always feel my chickens are safe. I've had it 13 months now and I've got no issues at all. When I give it a good blast with the pressure washer it comes up like new. I just wish I'd bought it sooner; it would have save me a lot of scrubbing!!

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