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Another Eglu Cube Purchased -

Previously I had wooden coops but due to a major issue with red mite I decided to purchase an Eglu Cube. All 3 wooden coops have now been swapped with a Cube, delighted with them!


Great -

Perfect for what I wanted it’s my second one I have


Love everything about the Eglu Chicken Coop.

love it, its easy to follow instruction to assemble - GALWAY,

very happy with my purchase


I can’t say enough great things about this coop! I started out with a pre made wood coop that didn’t even last a year. This coop was the answer to all my problems! It is incredibly easy to clean and my girls love the nesting box! My egg production has actually gone up since they moved into this coop. I am in love with this coop and I will NEVER get anything different. GO OMLET!!!!!

Great design and easy to use and maintain -

This is the third coop that I have bought. All were highly rated and comparable in cost, but the Omlet is by far the best. It’s easy to assemble and clean, well designed and of a good quality. The feeder and water bowl are simple but of a good practical design. The only drawbacks is that plastic coop floor and the metal ladder are a little slippery for the chickens, and the coop lets in very little light. Good if you’re trying to keep the crowing down (if you’ve got a gent) but tough when you’re trying to coax the hens in at night. However, you can easily remedy tHis by putting a small battery operated pick light and using self adhesive grit tape on the stairs.

Best Coop Ever -

Let's be honest this is nothing short than brilliant, my girls love it and settled into it straight away. So easy to clean, take the roosting bar & drop tray out to hose them off, clean and dry and put back into place in a matter of minutes. 4 Australorp X Hens are sufficent for a Coop & 3 metre run, with some free ranging throughout the day (weather permitting). I have ordered the auto door for summer as we are often away for a night or two, will give me peace of mind when having neighbours looking out for them. Downside is it took 2 adults (with competent IKEA assembling skills) 5 + hours (10-12hrs for 1 person to do it alone would be sufficent and reasonable time to allow for construction) to put together the coop and 3 metre run. The pain of that 5 hours is soon forgotten when you can easily move it (using the wheels), cleaning out the run is a bit difficult as I'm over 6ft tall but frequently moved around our backyard so not to much of a problem, just worth the mention if you'd plan on having the run and cube coop stationary and dont have kids to bribe to muck out for you or are planning on using a deep litter style approach and without the assistance of the wheels to make it easy to move off the litter when doing your full clean out.

So good I bought it twice! -

My first foray into chicken keeping, I was bedazzled by the array of hen houses available to me. I loved the traditional appearance of the wooden coops and it was a chance conversation with a relative who that made me decide on Omlet. A little space age in appearance, so soon got used to it and it blends in well. But that all cosmetic! The benefits: Easy to set up Very secure, with each component fitting perfectly Easy to keep clean Easy to move Designed to minimise the risk of parasite infestation I’m delighted with the coop and the hens love it too! They put themselves to bed as the sun goes down and all I need to do is shut the door! It’s carefully engineered to be safe, comfortable, both warm and cool, hygienic and easy to maintain. A very well made product.

Perfect for the job -

We decided to get the Eglu Cube after our wooden coop got redmite. We had read that a product like the Cube could help reduce the issues we had. Since we have had the Cube, we have not had a single issue with redmite. I really like the design and practicality of the Cube which was easy to construct and it is so easy to maintain and clean. We have the automatic door from Omlet too which makes life so much easier when it comes to the chickens going to roost and getting up in the morning. I can't praise the Cube enough and our chickens love it too.

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