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Princess Layer & Heniffer Have never been happier! - Stevie, Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr,

Amazing coop/cube for the chickens Easy to clean/move/put together & looks so so good in the garden! Highly recommend :)

What I had always wanted! - Fiona,

I have kept chickens over many years and in several different places - even Portugal! I have also wanted an Eglu for many years and finally I have one! If anything it is better than I expected! It is difficult to order the benefits but I will try. Cleanliness and ease of cleaning is amazing when compared to conventional houses: security with the foxproof run is really sturdy and with the advantage of moving the house around you can always have clean ground underneath and a good lawn! I find the patch recovers fully in two to three weeks: the quality of the build is first class even down to the rods which fasten the ‘stable’ door: we now have five large girls who have settled in and are very obviously happy chickens who roam the garden and are always happy to go back when they are tired and hungry: It is early days yet but I am confident that the dreaded red mite problem will not be an issue as the Eglu is so easy to clean and get into the corners: if there is a negative it is only in the putting together. It did take my husband quite a long time to assemble - luckily indoors! Overall it has to be five stars!

Great product, as always. - Ted, Georgia,

This is my second omlet! My first lasted me for many years, and served me well. That’s the reason I am a returning customer. My new one has the 9’ run and wheel package. It’s been improved since my first one. I commend the engineers on the better, larger wheels. Definitely a step up and make maneuvering the unit much easier. The sliding door on the nest box is a much needed improvement to keep the hens out of the box at night. The single dropping pan and bottom grate are an improvement making the system easier to clean and maintain. I have a large permanent coup where my adults live, but needed a safe “smaller” place for new chicks until they are ready to go out with the older birds. It also serves as a place to separate certain birds for breeding and provides a lot of space for that purpose. This coup is quite functional for a flock of backyard chickens that are the source of home grown eggs and fantastic for children to get involved with caring for livestock. It’s easy to clean, safe for the birds and works great for rotating the contained birds on the lawn to fertilize and improve its quality. It’s attractive and looks great in any setting. This is not a cheap product, but it is worth the money. You get what you pay for and this one will last for many years and will keep your birds safe from predators -we have fox, coyote, numerous hawks, raccoons, possums and an occasional bobcat. My Omlet will keep them all at bay. Thanks for a great product!!

Steps and roosing bars - Edwina,

The Cube is very acceptable to the 7 hens. The steps are a bit narrow and slippery for them. They tend to fly in and out. The roosting bars they stand on can be cleaned with a pressure washer but anything less leaves stains. Overall a very good buy.

Eglu cube - Nicola,

I've had a few chicken coops (wooden ones) and this one is by far the best I've had. It's so easy to clean and quick too. I keep 6 medium chickens in it and there is plenty of room, but I do leave the nesting part open. Although they are more expensive I will never use another product again would 100% recommend. One down side for our chicken is that some couldn't get use to the steps so we made something for them to hop up to the door !

Good product overall - Rossman,

Happy with purchase but not sure how to train chickens to climb up the stairs. perhaps a ramp is needed?.

Best coop ever!! - Charles,

This is hands down the best coop I’ve ever seen. It takes a whole 20 mins to set and my 8yr daughter did most of the work. It takes about 10 mins to fully clean and put back together. Your chickens will love this coop.

great product - Jennifer,

I searched extensively for a plastic hard resin coop for my new chickens found this one finally on sale in the spring and wow was I glad I got it the girls have loved it ever since and are laying eggs everyday and it's so easy to move around I didn't even purchase the wheels or the run I just push the coop up underneath the shade tree and the girls love it. And I could go on and on and on about how easy it is to clean I use a spray bottle with some vinegar in it wipe it down in 5 minutes put the tray poop in the compost and we're good to go and I put lavender in the nest box for the girls they love it

A very good bit of kit - Tony, Hampshire,

A little pricey but ultimately you get what you pay for. Very well constructed and very pleased with the product that has been in use for a month. Provided it lasts it will be a very good investment. Although there is no door at the rear of the run beneath the Eglu, access can be gained by closing the door and removing the rear panel, perch panel and tray. The chickens did tumble rather undignified down the ladder when the door was opened after their first night in the Eglu; however, within 48 hours they had mastered the art of going up and down the ladder. With the previous wooden coop they were used to just jumping in and out.

- Cheryl,

We love our Eglu Cube. It is very solid and well made. The chooks also love their new home.

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