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Outdoor Cat Run - Oksana,

Very pleased with our cat run. Beautifully made, very practical. Our cats just love it. Delivery was very quick. Absolutely great. Thank you Omlet.

Excellent . - Keith,

Well Made cat Cage.

Excellent Product - Josh,

I purchased this cat run , 6 by 9 by 6, last year for my two house bound felines, felt bad they could not go outside. The instructions were straight forward and the assembly , while lengthy , was very very easy to understand and execute. My cats have since been noticeably happier if not intent on bringing frogs, bird parts and mice in the house for us. As a review, this is a solid product that is worth the investment and I will be purchasing more ( possible chicken equipment) from this company, I am very pleased with my purchase thus far.

Aesthetically fully functional high quality value for money - Michelle,

The highest accolade I can give is 'why would you make your own'.

A really sturdy pen for our large Maine Coon and our escapee other cat. - Lesley,

Just completed the erection of the pen in its temporary position. It is a really sturdy construction and hopefully will be simple to disassemble for moving. Also having put it together once it may be a bit quicker second time around. I found the YouTube "how to erect" film a real help and when in doubt it is easy to look again at the film. I purchased extra lengths to make it big enough and it proved easy to add the units. I agree that the clips are tough to fasten but warming them helped in the near to freezing temperature outside when building the pen, not the most ideal conditions for the build. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase.

Excellent cat run - Karen, Surrey ,

I purchased this cat run end of November for my savannah kitten, he was longing to go out It is very sturdy , and blends in with the garden lots of room , my cat has his exercise wheel in there and ladders and shelves so plenty of room He’s getting used to more now and just loves looking around Only thing is , it’s extremely frustrating to put together , instructions are not great and it took us 4 hours to assemble with 2-3 people helping , who I might add are handy man , so that was frustrating, but when it was up we are so pleased with it and look forward to the summer where I can then enjoy watching my savannah all grown up in it , thankyou omlet for another great purchase from you

The envy of all local cats - Eleanor,

My indoor cat, who wants to be an outdoor one, loves her catio and runs straight to it in her harness. The first day it was up, all the local cats came to have a look and some tried to get in. It must be the talk of the local cat community as more cats have been in the garden than I have seen before. It will transform my life as previously I have had to be on high alert when in the garden with my cat in her harness which is supposed to be escape-proof but isn't quite. I can sit in it with her, when the weather is better, and relax. It blends well with the lawn and isn't an eyesore or too prominent. I have spent 10 years tryng to find a safe solution to my cat yearning and crying to go out, and now I have it!!! Thank you so much Omlet!

Omelet 2x2x2 outdoor cat run - Mina,

Plenty of room, sturdy construction. Love the double door opening and so does our cat Pistachio! While our cat is not a hammock fan, she does sit quietly on her cat scratching pole and enjoys the serenity.

Liked it so much we purchased 2 of them - John,

We take in strays and rescues and purchased 2 of the largest units; one unit is connected to our garage and the other to our main house. We then analyzed what parts came with what box, and ordered the necessary part boxes to customize one unit to make it 4 sections wide instead of 3. Makes a huge difference in usable space.

Very useful item - Susan,

Bought the run to house my cats whilst moving into a new house. Excellent product. Very straightforward to put together, do allow plenty of time and much quicker and easier with two people. Once In situ good, does not dominate the garden. Easy to get in and out, plenty of room to put a chair in and sit with your pets.

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