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So much more space than traditional cage and looks very nice - Yvette,

Really pleased I bought this, the only issue for me is that feeders are too slippery and I have had to take them out as my budgie will not feed from them.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 1 pets

No mess, no mess, no mess! And it is a genuine conversation piece. - Ron, Rhode Island,

All in all, I’m quite pleased with hexagon “nest.” I love the “no mess” feature with one caveat: the bins that collect the chaff fill up rather quickly, and the only way to get at them to empty them is to take the whole contraption apart, as you do when cleaning the cage. One thing I’ve done when to chaff bins have filled up is to switch the water and seed pods, which gives me two empty bins for the birds to fill up. It helps but isn’t a solution. Also, the clips get in the way when resettling the nest to the base. There’s probably a simple solution to this. I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Parakeets pets

Good cover! - Rebecca, Illinois,

4 stars for cuteness, covering the cage well, and fitting nicely. I took a star off because I personally think it could be a little more well fitted so it let's less light in but that's just me!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 1 Budgie pets

great updated look for our living area - Angela,

our birds love it and we love it for the center feeder with tons less food spread around on the floor. the only concern is it actually staying together, we cannot lift it by the handle unless we want to see some dots pop off

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 parakeet pets

Omlet Says: Good afternoon Angela, thank you for reviewing your purchase from us. It's great to hear how happy you are with the design of our cage and how much your birds are enjoying it! Please do not worry about the sturdiness of the cage, they have been thoroughly tested and you shouldn't have any problems with them. If you do find that you are, please bare in mind you have a 2 year guarantee and we would always replace anything broken that we deem as faulty, even outside of this time period.

Very cool design - Duygu,

I love my birbs new cage. My zebra finches look very happy in it. I wish Omlet designed a nice cage-tidy option that can be bought with this cage because I have feathers everywhere in the living room. Also, the bases of the food and water containers are different and I mixed them up at the beginning and starved my birds for a day. It should be emphasized more clearly that the base for the water has a lip barrier.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Zebra finches pets

Omlet Says: Thanks so much for your review! You make some great points. I'll be sure to pass this onto our product design team for future reference.

Great design - Karen, Pennsylvania,

We got a canary a month ago and I looked on line for a good size cage. Came upon omlet and decided to buy it. Easy to put together and the eating system really helps limit the mess.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 1 Canary pets

Omlet bird cage - Jerie,

I love your Omlet bird cage. I can’t understand why so many people are bashing it on Facebook. I think it’s perfect for a small bird like a parakeet. I only have 2 things that I wish were added to this cage. #1. The doors should open downward, providing a little landing/perching spot and my biggest wish is for the bottom to have a metal grid so the bird can walk on the bottom above the litter.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Look out tower! - Tracey,

Quality stand made of nice bamboo wood! The tall stand is lovely, it is like a look out tower for the birds! They only thing I would say is that it would have been nice to have lockable wheels on it to be able to move the cage about easier instead of lifting it.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Geo Bird Cage - Angie,

Arrived all boxed up with instructions. To be honest I found it a challenge but then I’m not great at stuff like this but I did it and it looks amazing (wouldn’t do another though ????). It’s spacious and the bird loves it. The feeding station in the middle helps contain flying seed etc and it’s very easy to clean. I also brought the stand and bird bath. Everyone comments on it as its so nice.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Beautifully designed bath - Doric,

The unique design of the bath is very functional and spacious giving the extra space your avian can move and maneuver at will, without fear of falling out while splashing about to its maximum delight. It blends in with the design of the cage without looking like an "add-on" accessory! Your avian will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

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