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Verified Reviews for Geo Bird Cage for Budgies, Finches and Canaries

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Cool looking - Sierra, County Tyrone,

This cage is nice looking; however, I question the quality. It feels like the tabs could come loose if moved around too much. I, personally, would only put one bird such as a budgie or canary in there. I love the concept, just think it needs to be sturdier.
Review for: Geo Bird Cage - Cream and Gold

This reviewer has 1 Canary pets

Nice looking cage but extremly messy - Prue, Bedfordshire,

I am enjoying the modern look of the cage and the space for the birds. However the shallow teal tray allows the feathers and husks to spread everywhere on the floor! We did not have this problem as much with our old basic cage and the bottom of our old cage seemed to capture all the debris from the birds
Review for: Cage Budgie Teal - Gold

This reviewer has 2-4 budgies pets

Omlet Says: Hi, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Your feedback has been passed onto our Product Design team who will look into this further. Yours, Omlet Customer Service Team

Bird bath - a bit too shallow - Simon, West Sussex,

This part could use some improvements - it needs to include a splash guard for the cage wall, it needs to be a bit deeper so the budgie can actually immerse itself in the water and if it was deeper, should then include a ladder/ramp so the bird can easily climb up and out of the water
Review for: Geo Bird Bath

This reviewer has 1 Budgerigar pets

Hard to clean - Somewhat, West Sussex,

My bird loves his home, I love the size and shape and that is the only good part. As for cleaning, it is literally a pain. You have to detach the whole cage, and the seed does not go directly into the cups provided (under tray); literally it takes me over 1/2 hour to take the thing apart, clean each of the feeders, tray underneath and clean the floor of the cage. Why you note that all you have to do is take apart and take out trays and empty is crazy because you have to clean more than seeds. Birds do poop alot and it gets all over on top of the feeders, so you literally are cleaning everything in the cage twice a week. I give thumbs up for size and accessories, I purchased toys elsewhere, and my bird is happy, but wish I had one that was easier to clean, it would be great to be able not to take apart to get middle feeders and trays out instead of always having to take the whole thing apart. I did purchase plastic kids mats and cut out my own bottom, this way I can wipe up and literally put in the sink to sanitize. I made 4 mats so I do not always have to order the paper ones due to shape of the cage. You can't purchase bottom paper liners anywhere, so to save on an already tight budget this is how I dealt with that issue as well.
Review for: Geo Bird Bath

This reviewer has 1 Parakeet pets

Omlet Says: Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to read that you are finding the cleaning process unpractical. Normally, the fact that everything can be dismantled usually helps in the care of the different parts of the cage. Nevertheless, your feedback has been passed onto our Product Design team for further investigation on how this aspect could be improved. We stay at your disposal by phone and by email for any other suggestion that you may have. Best Regards, Clemence, Omlet Customer Service team

Looks lovely but not that practical - Francesca, Bedfordshire,

Really nice looking budgie cage however the food and water dispenser takes up so much room in the cage, I have removed it so give the birds more room to fly and move about. The slanted bars also makes it tricky when positioning perches and toys.
Review for: Cage Budgie Teal - Gold

This reviewer has 2-4 Budgie pets

Omlet Says: Hi Francesca, thanks for taking the time to review your purchase. The slanted design certainly does makes the Geo cage a unique shape but we found that it offers more flight space than traditional budgie cages. In regards to your comments about the food and water dispenser, that's really helpful. Customer feedback is something we appreciate as we are always looking for ways to improve our products! I will pass yours onto the necessary department for future reference.