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Whether you're a chicken keeper, a keen baker or a busy Mum, you've probably got a constant supply of eggs in the kitchen. The Egg Skelter is the perfect egg holder for keeping those lovely eggs in order, at room temperature and proudly on display. Available for bantam or regular eggs, this spiral egg container stores up to 24 eggs in date order to ensure you use the oldest egg first. This stylish egg storer comes in a wonderful range of colours to choose from.

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Egg Skelter 24 - Black for Medium to Large Eggs
Egg Skelter 24 - Black for Medium to Large Eggs
Egg Skelter 24 - Cornflower Blue for Medium to Large Eggs
Egg Skelter 24 - Cornflower Blue for Medium to Large Eggs
Egg Skelter 24 - Red for Medium to Large Eggs
Egg Skelter 24 - Red for Medium to Large Eggs
An Omlet Egg Skelter full of eggs,

Do you keep your eggs in the fridge? Most chefs recommend storing eggs at room temperature for the best cooking results, whether you're a master of meringues or you can just about rustle up an omelet. Delia, herself, says “with room temperature eggs, the whites and yolks will combine easier when whisking...eggs will disperse more evenly into the batter, making for even cooking and a lighter texture.” Another reason to store eggs at room temperature is that the shells are porous, meaning they can absorb the flavours of strong foods if stored in the fridge.

Keep Eggs in Date Order

Not only will the Egg Skelter allow you to store eggs at room temperature, but it will keep them in date order too. By adding eggs to the back of the Skelter and taking them from the front, you will ensure that you always use the oldest egg first. This is particularly handy for chicken keepers, when eggs are collected on a daily basis.

No more spending time on organising eggs and no more wastage. Hooray!

How to use the Egg skelter.

The Egg Skelter will hold up to 24 medium to large sized eggs and it is a great looking eggcessory to have on display. Whether you have a traditional country kitchen, a chic and cosy hideaway or a sleek and modern space, this egg container will look the part. With four colours to choose from you will find one to suit your style and match your home.

Do you keep bantams? We also sell an Egg Skelter for small to medium sized eggs. Just like the original, it holds around 24 eggs, but the wire spacing is smaller so they won't fall through.

Easy to Use Egg Holder

Now, we know this is called an Egg Skelter, but that doesn't mean your delicate, precious eggs want to be hurtled down at 50mph. It is not a toy, and eggs will break if they pick up speed (sorry to spoil the fun). When adding eggs to the Skelter, we recommend placing them gently behind the most recent addition. When you need to use an egg, simply remove the one at the front and the other will roll down, into their new positions.

The Egg skelter colour selection.

The Egg Skelter:

  • Holds up to 24 eggs
  • Allows eggs to be stored at room temperature
  • Keeps eggs in date order
  • Reduces egg wastage
  • Available in four colours
  • Looks great in any kitchen

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Love my egg skelter - Cindy, QLD,

Looks great on our kitchen bench and you know you're using the older eggs first. Much better than having to rotate eggs in cartons.

Great Skelter - Jan,

I love the egg skelter it looks great in the kitchen. Some of the eggs are a bit large to roll down tho as our girls certainly lay some corkers!

Well-made and looks good - Amanda,

Fabulous way to keep eggs on the bench. High quality workmanship.

Perfect! - Karin, Vic,

I purchased a red egg skelter mid 2017 (to match my kitchen) and have been so happy with it. No more writing dates on the eggs or grumbling to people that keep using the newer eggs. It is sturdy and looks so cool, quite a conversation piece when we have visitors. The eggs sometimes need coaxing to move along which is to be expected as our chickens lay egg shaped eggs, and our one bantam's egg needs to be placed crossways to not fall through - nothing to complain about though. We now always use the oldest eggs first, don't need to label them and we can always see when it's time to gift some to neighbours. And best of all, it looks great on my kitchen bench.

Just what I needed! - Yvonne,

Its a great product and constructed well. We have found that our eggs don't roll down to the bottom and we have to help move them along but I love the fact I am always using the oldest egg without too much thought!

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