Introducing the Omlet Chickens!

Here at Omlet, we keep our own chickens – who better to test all of our new products than our own flock? Over the years we’ve learned a lot about our hens: how to keep them happy, how to design great homes for them, and how to make some delicious egg-based recipes!

Above is the 'Gingernut Ranger', whilst below is the 'Miss Pepperpot' variety

Gingernut Rangers are a gorgeous russet red, with a great egg-laying ability. Miss Pepperpots descend from Rhode Island Reds and Barred Plymouth Rocks. Miss Pepperpots lay large and extra large brown eggs, each of which is a real treat.

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Edna, 30 October 2019

How to avoid hen make mess in their cot where they lay their eggs? My husband has clean it all the time. Thank you.

Kirsteen, 6 May 2017

I look forward to learning from your guides and information

Man, 14 July 2011


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