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Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red

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As seen on 'River Cottage' and 'Kirstie's Homemade Home'.

This egg skelter is a brilliant way of storing and displaying your fresh eggs in date order. Every time your hens lay a lovely egg simply add it to the skelter, and when it comes to eating them you will know to use the one at the front, which will always be the oldest. Your eggs will be proudly on display and you will never have to waste one again! Suitable for 20 medium to large sized eggs.

Please note: Eggs are different shapes and sizes and we cannot guarantee that they will roll down the egg skelter.

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Eggs on skelter
Egg spiral
Egg helter-skelter storage device for a kitchen
Eggs in red Omlet egg skelter
An egg skelter full of eggs
Love it!
3 busy little chickens! - they just love the helter skelter!
Merry Go

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Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red

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I recently bought this in red and am extremely happy I did. I took some other reviewers advice of placing the eggs pointy end inwards and it works perfectly everytime with both my large eggs and smaller eggs.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red
This reviewer has 2-4 Isa Brown and Hyline pets
Lainey, NSW,
We love our bright red egg skelter! Our only issue is that we are getting six enormous eggs per day, we could do with a larger skelter !!!
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red
This reviewer has 4-6 Isobrown pets
Great design.
I bought a red egg skelter for my girlfriend for Christmas and she loves it. I wish they came in Pink for myself.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red
We now always eat the freshest eggs
This egg skelter not only looks great on the kitchen bench and becomes a talking point with visitors has saved our family from the dreaded rotten egg! No matter what system we implemented previously somehow I always ended up with the rotten stale eggs when cooking. Now everyone knows to just take their eggs from the shoot at the bottom. Thanks for your speedy delivery and curtious advice on the phone!
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red
Egg skelter
Great way to store eggs and keep them in order of use.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Red
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