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Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black

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As seen on 'River Cottage' and 'Kirstie's Homemade Home'.

This egg skelter is a brilliant way of storing and displaying your fresh eggs in date order. Every time your hens lay a lovely egg simply add it to the skelter, and when it comes to eating them you will know to use the one at the front, which will always be the oldest. Your eggs will be proudly on display and you will never have to waste one again! Suitable for 20 medium to large sized eggs.

Please note: Eggs are different shapes and sizes and we cannot guarantee that they will roll down the egg skelter.

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Perfect wedding gift for the hen parents!
Eggs on a spiral shaped holder
Black egg skelter with eggs
Eggs on a black circular egg skelter
Looks amazing with all our different coloured eggs, a real kitchen feature!
Different sizes eggs, small and large on a helter-skelter
Eggs on black Omlet egg skelter
Billie’s friends
Billie loves filling the skelter
Love my egg skelter!
Thanks girls!
No more egg boxes piled up!
Egg skelter in black to match my worktop
This sketler makes egg labelling easier!
Ducks eggs fit too!

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Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black

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Egg rotator
Al good but I thought the eggs would roll or slide down and around . Happy with purchase thanks
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black
looks cool
Looks cool, I bought this type of skelter because I thought the gradual gradient of it would be least likely to break eggs, which is true, it’s so gradual that the eggs don’t roll down when you take the bottom one like it should, due to probably the natural shape of eggs, it also didn’t sit flat and I had to bend it into shape, I wouldn’t recommend this product I would buy one with a steeper gradient
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black
This reviewer has 2-4 Don’t know pets
Great product, would love more colour choices
An Omleteer,
I really like my skelter, Ive had one before but sold it with the house on request from the new owners. Unfortunately when I went to buy a second time I could not get the egg blue colour I wanted as I had previously. Aside from that I love it. Tip * make sure you place the pointy end of the egg toward the centre of the skelter, this way the eggs will always roll down effortlessly. There is not infomation that comes with the skelter and if I had known this in the beginning before the other skelter then it would have saved much frustration. Anyway it looks great but I would like an egg blue colour soon please! :)
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black
Great product
This is a great alternative to juggling egg cartons on the kitchen bench, and using eggs from oldest first is much easier to manage. Looks great too!
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black
Very happy with my egg skelter. Would be more than happy to buy more for gifts
Very well made and looks great on my kitchen bench.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black
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