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Totally delightful - Catherine,

I'm smitten. My little Chamois Poland girl is so friendly. She rides around on my shoulder like a little parrot, is devastatingly pretty and does not do much scratching in the garden. Only downer is that I think her hair do is going to be less than easy to look after this winter.

Polishes Are Awesome! - Kayla,

the polish i have is very sweet but you do need to put her head tied up. shes small for her breed and will not fight if you hold her. in the winter they get cold (especially if it snows) so i suggest a heat lamp for warmth. they lay long white eggs.

they are amazing pets - Eleanor,

i have had polish bantams for years and love there friendly, happy ways. ( I had one that used to sit on my head happily while i read in the garden) Unfortunenately they aren't very wary with predators !!! all of mine have been carried off by the perigin falcons that have a nest nearby. they are slightly crazy in my experience as i had one that was excepted by the ducks and obviously thought she was one of them because on most of her trips she was found and brought back to us by somebody who had seen her strutting about with the ducks. I LOVE POLISH BANTAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxx


polands are so friendly even the cock!

Fantastic! - Shelley,

We started keeping hens last yr and got a Chamios Frizzle..Frosty the funniest bird ive ever met since then we have fallen in love with them and now have Eggs,Diesel,Edna and Betty as well as Frosty. They are such funny birds and so tame the kids love them and carry them round the garden they dont care about the dogs or cat they are great egg layers too i read alot of reviews saying they weren't but ours are great wether this is because they are free range where alot of polish arent i dont know. My friends love coming to visit and everyone has there favorite!! Love seeing my husband trying to weed and them all chasing him round the garden with his wheelbarrow as they know what hes upto!! Would highly recommend this breed they make great pets and theres never a dull moment.

Very good looking breed - Raffaella,

I have Polish, frizzle polish and silkies. Polish are very friendly pet chickens, easy to look after and great for a small garden. Their crests are beautiful but not very practical. They can't see properly ( a good trim every now and again helps) and anything scares them. They don't like windy days and prefer to stay inside the coop. Still their fantastic look compensate for everything.

Fantastic - Julie,

I get my new 3 Polands and 1 Orpington on Saturday, so pleased. I lost some early last year to the fox, the garden and the other hens have not been the same, I am looking forward to getting to know my new girls and having great eggs again. Have moved house, drove my husband mad because some of the places were right for us but - not for the girls but we eventually found the right place and the girls move in the weekend (My birthday present- could not ask for a better one). Once you have had either of these birds you would be without one.

Simply wonderful - Sabine,

We had a gold laced poland called Lily, an ever so friendly and funny character. She could entertain us for hours with her antics. I would often hear my husband shout "Lily!!" and I knew she would be up to something naughty, like coming into the house to eat Harvey the Rabbit - her best friend 's food... She would also often perch onto the window sill in the morning to great us and was the first one on the door step when I called the girls for their mid-morning treat. She was also very vocal, always chatting away, as if we could understand her! Sadly, she passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, Lily.

Great but not hardy - George,

Nice looking birds but have to say they are not hardy and have lots of eye and ear problems they are not the world's best layers either .

A very nice bird - Gabby,

I think that this bird is just fabulous it is a favourite with children because of the funny and pretty look but they are also a very sociable and friendly creature. The only problem with them is the hardiness and that they usual get frost bite. I am yet to get some with my best friend molly and this was our first choice of chicken.

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